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New publications from The New Oxford Shakespeare project

The Modern Critical Edition—the first publication from The New Oxford Shakespeare project contains a brand new consideration of Shakespeare’s Complete Works, based on the latest scholarship and evidence about authorship and presented in modern spelling and punctuation. With the aim of creating an innovative student text, this edition contains introductions to each work, on-page notes which explain any obscure words, historical references and changes in meaning, as well as performance notes which underline the fact that the works were intended to be staged and performed. To further bring the works to life, the edition contains more than 100 illustrations and the early musical scores of 20 songs, offering a well-rounded examination of the works as they were intended to be seen. By presenting both poems and plays in one comprehensive edition, The New Oxford Shakespeare shows the formative relationship between the two and gives a thorough exploration of Shakespeare’s body of work.

The Modern Critical Edition is the first publication within The New Oxford Shakespeare project and has already received worldwide media coverage praising the magnitude of the project and offering discussion on both new and original points of scholarly research, such as the decision to credit Christopher Marlowe alongside Shakespeare as an author for select works. The Modern Critical Edition will be followed by the Critical Reference Edition, containing original versions of all of Shakespeare’s texts with notes that tell scholars about the history and textual variants of the works. The Authorship Companion contains a large collection of essays presenting cutting-edge research in attribution studies, dating Shakespeare’s plays, and detecting collaborations.

All three editions will be combined in The New Oxford Shakespeare: Complete Set and will be available digitally via The New Oxford Shakespeare Online which launched in October 2016. The project has been many years in the making and is one of the highlights of OUP’s 2016 publishing programme, commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

(December 2, 2016)

Publication of the Critical Reference Edition

Due to an extension to the final round of checks, which OUP made in consultation with the general editors of the New Oxford Shakespeare, the New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition will now be published, both in print and online, in early 2017. It is expected that the release of the Complete Set will be delayed accordingly.

The Authorship Companion is due to be released in late January.

(January 7, 2017)

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