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Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping wins the 2017 Conflict Research Society Book of the Year Prize

Sabrina Karim and Kyle Beardsley’s Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping: Women, Peace, and Security in Post-Conflict Stateshas won the 2017 Conflict Research Society Book of the Year Prize, awarded for exceptional world-leading research on conflict and peace.

Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping is an exploration of peacekeeping with an emphasis on the implications for gender equality. The book provides first-hand accounts from female peacekeepers in different conflicts, offering a deep and comprehensive narrative on the abuse and sexual exploitation that some experience in these peacekeeping missions. Karim and Beardsley explore how gender power imbalances can place restrictions on the participation of women in peacekeeping missions and examine the effect that this can have on a conflict, and global gender inequality.

For further details on this prize and the rationale for the 2017 selection, please check the Conflict Research Society’s Book of the Year webpage.

(August 3, 2017)

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