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Supporting Teachers

Supporting Teachers

Our Mission

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

We are committed to supporting education at all levels – from helping young children learn to read and write to supporting academic research – by publishing and distributing the highest quality content as widely as possible across the world.

Beginning in the sixteenth century we are one of the oldest university presses in the world; and now the largest with about 6,000 employees across more than 50 countries. We publish more than 6,000 new publications a year.

As well as providing educational resources we are also able to support education in other ways. We make academic content available for free online in developing countries. A portion of our annual surplus is used by the University to support student scholarship funds and research, ensuring that the fruits of our business success, borne out of our educational mission, are ploughed back into the heart of education.


In Japan, we pursue our mission and support teachers, their students and education in many ways. These include:

  • ETJGeneral Sponsorship of ETJ ( English Teachers in Japan)
  • Support and membership of various teaching organizations including JALT, JACET, JERA and many more.


Unparalleled materials in print and digital formats for use in and out of the classroom


*Oxford Teachers' Club is a source of free high-quality resources and information to support your language teaching. In order to access a wealth of teaching resources, first-time users will need to register as a member.
  • Resources - a bank of thousands of high-quality resources to dip into and use in class.
  • Professional Development - information and advice to support your professional development.

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