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How face masks can help us understand the world

Most historians rely principally on written sources. Yet there are other traces of the past available to historians: the material things that people have chosen, made, and used. When historians only focus on written sources, they risk missing vital aspects of the historical record. Sarah Anne Carter, co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of History and Material Culture, points out that the relationship between material culture and history can be understood through cognition, technology, the symbolic, social distinction, and memory.

Read the blog post, How face masks can help us understand the world, to find out how these five approaches offer a new framework for thinking about how material culture intertwines with the study of history and provides a roadmap for future scholars to explain the value of material sources.

(August 20, 2020)

Books that give context to the current protests

Cities across the United States have seen ongoing protests since the death of George Floyd while in police custody on 25 May. Conversations are taking place on social media as well as in the real world, and media coverage has been relentless. We at Oxford University Press would like to highlight some of our books across politics, history, and philosophy that we hope can contribute to the important conversations currently taking place and provide valuable context.

The flyer downloadable from the link below provides a selected list of twelve academic monographs with summaries, followed by notable titles from the Very Short Introductions series that offer a historic backdrop from a broader perspective. It also features Sweet Taste of Liberty: A True Story of Slavery and Restitution in America by W. Caleb McDaniel, which was awarded the 2020 Pulitzer Prize in History. This book tells the extraordinary story of the enslaved woman Henrietta Wood and her quest for justice, illuminating today’s debates over reparations and offering a searing reminder that the American public has still not come to terms with the consequences of slavery.

Books that give context to the current protests (flyer)

(July 17, 2020)

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