Policy and Politics in Global Primary English

ISBN : 9780194200547

Janet Enever
208 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jun 2018
Oxford Applied Linguistics


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Home to the most innovative studies in its field, the Oxford Applied Linguistics series furthers research in English teaching and learning, and provides strong foundations for language pedagogy.

In this volume, Janet Enever explores the complex forces that shape national and local language education policy-making for the early introduction of English as a foreign language at primary and pre-primary levels worldwide. This is the first book of its kind demonstrating the extent to which English is now perceived as a pre-requisite for participation in the global economy, reflecting the rapid development of early start English now exploding across Asia, Latin America, and other fast-growing economies.

This is a timely and important book. Professor Enever demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of primary English policy and practice in a range of countries and, from a sound theoretical framework, draws together evidence to show how policies are all too often guided by short-term political considerations rather than sound educational practice. Whilst critiquing inappropriate practice, she also analyses the conditions which have the potential to lead to quality - and equitable - English language programmes at the primary level.
-- David Hayes, Department of Applied Linguistics, Brock University,

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