Clinician's Guide to Evidence-based Practices: Mental Health and the Addictions

John C. Norcross; Thomas P. Hogan; Gerald P. Koocher
Pub date
May 2008
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This book is a practical guide that will assist mental health and addiction clinicians to identify, interpret, and apply the best research evidence to their own work. Three clinical case vignettes are woven throughout, helping to illustrate the suggestions provided.


1. Defining Evidence-Based Practice
2. Asking the Right Questions
3. Locating the Best Available Research
4. Reading and Interpreting the Research: Research Designs
5. Reading and Interpreting the Research: Numbers and Measures
6. Appraising Research Reports
7. Translating Research into Practice
8. Integrating the Patient and the Clinician with the Research
9. Incorporating Evaluation and Ethics
10. Disseminating, Teaching, and Implementing Evidence-Based Practices

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