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Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know®
Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Gail Steketee; Christiana Bratiotis
  • Covers all aspects of hoarding - potential causes, identification, and effective treatments
  • Combines mental health and community-based perspectives on hoarding
  • Describes several interesting theories about why people hoard, including emotional attachment to objects and feelings of safety and security

Hoarding disorder is the excessive saving of objects and difficulty parting with them to a point that interferes with one's ability to properly use rooms and furnishings in the home. Hoarding can become dangerous, sometimes resulting in structural problems and fires, or in hazardous sanitary conditions. Studies indicate that around one in every 25 people suffers from hoarding. This means that almost all of us know someone who hoards.
Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know® demystifies this complex problem, what it looks like and why it may develop, and how it can be treated. With their combined expertise in psychological treatments for hoarding and community interventions, Drs. Steketee and Bratiotis explain how to understand hoarding as a mental illness, describing the disorder in layman's terms and explaining the various facets and manifestations of the behavior. Chapters focus on one or more common questions regarding diagnosis, features, how to assess severity, and treatment. The book will dispel myths and help readers identify hoarding that touches their own lives. As such it will be of great value not only to those who suspect a loved one may be hoarding, but also to first responders, such as firefighters, public health officials, and housing and social service personnel, who will find here an essential resource for use in the field.


Chapter 1. What Is Hoarding And Hoarding Disorder?

Chapter 2. What Are The Common Features Of Hoarding?

Chapter 3. What Are The Neuro-Cognitive Features Of Hoarding?

Chapter 4. What Is The Impact Of Hoarding On Sufferers, Families And Communities?

Chapter 5. How Serious Is The Hoarding Problem?

Chapter 6. Why Do People Hoard?

Chapter 7. What Treatments Work Best For Hoarding And Acquiring?

Chapter 8. How Can Family Members And Other Methods Help With Hoarding?

Chapter 9. How Can Communities Help With Hoarding?

Chapter 10. What Are The Next Steps To Understand And Treat Hoarding?

About the author: 

Gail Steketee is Professor Emerita at Boston University's School of Social Work where she served as Dean from 2005 through 2017. Her research has been featured in media outlets including the New York Times, the New Yorker, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington PostU.S. News and World Report, and CNN.
Christiana Bratiotis is an Associate Professor at The University of British Columbia School of Social Work in Vancouver, Canada. Her research has been highlighted by media outlets including the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune and CBC Radio.

"Authors Gail Steketee and Christiana Bratiotis, internationally-recognized experts on the topic of hoarding, deftly summarize the existing scientific and clinical information in this surprisingly easy-to-read volume. This book is a "must-read" for anyone who wants a better understanding of this complex condition." --David Tolin, PhD, Director, Anxiety Disorders Center, The Institute of Living, Author, Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding

"Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know is an outstanding, easily accessible guide for anyone who seeks to better understand or assist someone with hoarding disorder. This book provides a thorough understanding of the disorder as well as practical guides for navigating housing, health, and other challenges faced by those with hoarding. The authors provide a road map for individuals with hoarding, their families, and communities seeking to better address this challenging issue." --Jesse Edsell-Vetter, Director of Resident Services, HRI

"Steketee and Bratiotis have succeeded in producing a concise yet comprehensive overview of hoarding disorder. Summarizing over 25 years of research, this book is straightforward, easy to read, and an excellent answer to what you need to know about hoarding. It will be immensely valuable to those whose lives are touched by this problem." --Randy Frost, PhD, Harold Edward and Elsa Siipola Israel Professor of Psychology, Smith College

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ISBN : 9780190946388

Gail Steketee; Christiana Bratiotis
216 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Sep 2020
What Everyone Needs to Know
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Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know®