Language Assessment for Classroom Teachers

ISBN : 9780194218399

Lyle Bachman; Barbara Dambock
304 Pages
208 x 256 mm
Pub date
Feb 2018
Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers


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This book provides teachers with an entirely new approach to developing and using classroom-based language assessments. This approach is based on current theory and practice in the field of language assessment and on an understanding of the assessment needs of classroom teachers.


Part I: Introduction 1 A new approach to classroom-based language assessment 2 Using classroom-based language assessments Part II: A systematic approach to assessment development 3 Overview of our approach to assessment development 4 Consequences: Why do we need to assess our students? 5 Decisions: When do we need to assess our students? 6 Interpretations: What should we assess? 7 Assessment records: how can we record our students' assessment performance? Part III: Applying this approach in your classroom 8 Developing assessment task templates 9 Creating language assessment tasks 10 Combining assessment tasks to make classroom-based assessments 11 Administrative procedures and instructions 12 Scoring students' test performance and reporting the results Part IV: A systematic approach to classroom-based assessment 13 Example assessments Appendix1: Checklist of things to think about before using a language assessment Appendix 2: Parts of an assessment task template Appendix 3: Answers to activities in Chapter 2 and 3

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