Instant Neurological Diagnosis: A Companion to Neurobowl

Christopher H. Hawkes; Kapil D. Sethi; Thomas R. Swift
Pub date
May 2016
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Instant Neurological Diagnosis: A Companion to NeurobowlR. brings rapid neurologic diagnosis blended into a unique format that combines teaching and entertainment. Like the annual NeurobowlR. competition, this book teaches neurologists to guess the answers of a diagnosis as fast as possible. This book tells users how to make a rapid clinical diagnosis or when to stop and reconsider previous diagnoses. The authors of this book have collected diagnostic short cuts; some from observations and others identified at grand rounds at Neurobowl(c) competitions at the American Academy of Neurology conference. These diagnostic shortcuts include Handles- clinical features like facial appearance, how a patient dresses, walks, talks, the patients' history, and physical examination- that might permit a rapid diagnosis. Red Flags are the opposite. They are observations from the history and examination should alert the clinician to reconsider and think of an alternative diagnosis. Key Features Include 1. This text is highly visual; supplemented by figures, tables, and video clips. 2. Teaches neurologists to make a rapid diagnosis, even for rare diseases. 3. Shares tips for better patient management.


Table of Contents
Foreword by Allan Ropper, MD
1. First Encounters
2. Cranial Nerves
3. Limbs and Trunk
4. Demyelination
5. Headache
6. Epilepsy and Sleep Disorders
7. Myopathy and Motor Neuron Disorders
8. Movement Disorders
9. Stroke
10. Spinal Lesions and Cerebrospinal Fluid
11. Peripheral Neuropathy
12. Cerebellar Ataxia
13. Dementia

About the author: 

Christopher H. Hawkes, MD, FRCP, Honorary Professor of Neurology, Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry; Kapil D. Sethi, MD, FRCP, Director, Movement Disorders Clinic, Georgia Regents Medical Center Street Augusta, GA; Thomas J. Swift, MD, FAAN President of AAN 2005-2007, Professor and Former Chair, Department of Neurology, Georgia Health Sciences University.

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