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Global Political Economy (7th edition)
Global Political Economy (7th edition)

Global Political Economy (7th edition)

Erin Hannah; John Ravenhill
  • A highly regarded guide, providing a comprehensive introduction to Global Political Economy written by leading experts in the field under new editor Dr Erin Hannah
  • Significant updates include a special focus on critical approaches and the introduction of a diverse range of voices and perspectives through topics such as colonialism, gender, race, the everyday, and North-South divides
  • Twelve new chapters explore topics such as public opinion, populism, development , unfree labour, environment, and technology
  • A range of carefully developed pedagogical features such as GPE of the Everyday Boxes, Case Studies, and Key Theory Boxes, help students cultivate critical thinking skills, apply abstract concepts, build connections between topics, and retain information

New to this Edition:

  • Thirteen new contributors
  • 12 new chapters with enhanced coverage of colonialism, race, gender, the everyday, the Global South, non-western viewpoints, public opinion, populism, technology, migration, climate change.
  • New material on global production, globalization, inequality and poverty.
  • New pedagogical features including Case Studies, GPE of the Everyday Boxes, Key Theory Boxes, Key Concept Boxes and poverty.
  • New online pedagogical features for each chapter including customizable PowerPoint slides for lecturers, and, accessed via the e-book and Politics Trove, Learning Outcomes, Multiple Choice Questions, and Reflective Questions.

What constitutes Global Political Economy? In whose interest is GPE constructed, and by whom? How can injustices in GPE best be redressed? These are some of the key questions addressed in the 7th edition of this highly regarded highly regarded textbook.
As an ever-evolving field subject to constant changes and developments, the new edition provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject written by leading experts in the field. Edited by Dr Erin Hannah,the 7th edition surveys major contemporary issues and debates in GPE while being attuned to the silences, marginalizations, and exclusions that predominate the field. By integrating a wide range of theoretical approaches, rich empirical material, non-western viewpoints and diversity of contributors, the 7th edition provides enhanced coverage of the central axes of inequality in GPE and centers topics such as colonialism, race, gender, North-South divides and everyday life.


Part 1: Theoretical Approaches to Global Political Economy
1:The Study of Global Political Economy, John Ravenhill and Erin Hannah
2:Race, Empire, Colonialism and the Pre-History of Global Political Economy, Matthew Watson
3:Cooperation and Conflict in the Global Political Economy, Vinod Aggarwal and Cedric Dupont
4:Ideas, Identities and the Everyday in Global Political Economy, Erin Hannah and Lucy Hinton

Part 2: Global Trade and Production
5:Global Trade, Silke Trommer
6:Identity and Attitudes towards Trade, Alexandra Guisinger
7:Global Production and Unfree Labour, Ellie Gore

Part III: Global Money and Finance
8:The Evolution of the International Monetary and Financial System, Eric Helleiner
9:The Politics of Global Financial Stability, Louis W Pauly
10:Global Finance and the Everyday, Chris Clarke and Adrienne Roberts

Part IV: The Resurgence of the State?
11:Ideologies of Globalism, Populism, and Varieties of Economic Nationalism, Adam Harmes
12:China and the Global Political Economy, James Scott
13:The Global Political Economy of Global Inequality, Erin Lockwood
14: The Global Political Economy of Development, Ali Bhaget
15:The Political Economy of North-South Relations: A View from the South, JP Singh

Part V: Contemporary Issues
16:The Global Political Economy of the Environment, Kate Ervine
17:The Global Political Economy of Technology, Tyler Girard

About the author: 

Erin Hannah, Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Politics and International Relations, King's University College at the University of Western Ontario, Canada
John Ravenhill, Professor of Political Science, University of Waterloo, Canada

Vinod Aggarwal, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Ali Bhagat, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC Canada
Chris Clarke, University of Warwick, Warwick, UK
Cédrick Dupont, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland
Kate Ervine, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Erin Hannah, King's University College at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
Tyler Girard, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Adam Harmes, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario Canada
Lucy Hinton, King's University College at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
Erin Lockwood, University of California, Irvine, USA
Alexandra Guisinger, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Ellie Gore, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
Eric Helleiner, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Louis W. Pauly, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Canada

"This is by far the best introduction to key issues, concepts, and themes in Global Political Economy." - Susanne Soederberg, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Just and Inclusive Cities, Queen's University, Canada

"Global Political Economy has always been a definitive statement on current thinking on the complex interplay between global politics and economics. Thoroughly updated to reflect the state of the art and frontier thinking, Hannah and Ravenhill have yet again created an indispensable text. This is a book that demands serious attention and a place on the shelf of all interested in world politics today." - Rorden Wilkinson, Professor of International Political Economy and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Product details

ISBN : 9780192847553

Erin Hannah; John Ravenhill
536 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
Apr 2024
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Global Political Economy (7th edition)

Global Political Economy (7th edition)

Global Political Economy (7th edition)