Chemistry3: Introducing Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry (3rd Revised edition)

Andrew Parsons; Gareth Price
Pub date
Jan 2017
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  • The most approachable and engaging introduction to chemistry available.
  • Chemistryツウツspans all three strands of chemistry - organic, inorganic and physical - to provide unrivalled coverage across the full breadth of the field.

1: Fundamentals
2: Language of organic chemistry
3: Atomic structure and properties
4: Diatomic molecules
5: Polyatomic molecules
6: Solids
7: Acids and bases
8: Gases
9: Reaction kinetics
10: Molecula

About the author: 

Andrew Burrows, Department of Chemistry, University of Bath
John Holman, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of York, President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, University of York
Andrew Parsons, Department of Ch

"It is a great textbook for first year courses with really good use of visual aids and excellent provision of worked examples to illustrate the concepts and their applications. It is a perfect transition from A-Level to Higher Education Chemistry." -ツ

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