Oxford Handbook of Nutrition and Dietetics (2nd edition)

Joan Webster-Gandy; Angela Madden; Michelle Holdsworth
Pub date
Dec 2011
Oxford Medical Handbooks
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Fully updated, the Oxford Handbook of Nutrition and Dietetics, second edition is a practical quick-reference guide to the vital and valued subject of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease and the maintenance of good health. This handbook will be an invaluable companion for all dieticians, nutritionists, and nurses, as well as doctors and students in a variety of specialities. Concise and bulleted, this handbook takes an integrated approach which facilitates the links between all aspects of nutrition and dietetics. Including nutritional science and based on clinical evidence, it covers everything you will need to be able to carry out your role effectively and confidently. Sections on obesity and a new chapter on international nutrition are timely and topical. Also included is information on nutrition assessment, popular diets, nutrition in systems-based diseases, rarer conditions, as well as helpful lists of foods rich in or free from certain nutrients, and normal range guides and handy reference values. This handbook makes sure the relevant information is at your fingertips whenever you need it, with links to further reading and online sources.


1. Introduction to nutrition
2. Dietary reference values (DRVs) and food-based dietary guidelines
3. Current dietary patterns in the UK
4. Nutrition assessment
5. Macronutrients
6. Micronutrients
7. Electrolytes and fluid balance
8. Food labelling, functional foods, and food supplements
9. Non-nutrient components of food
10. Catering in institutions
11. Popular diets
12. Diet before and during pregnancy
13. Infants and preschool children
14. School-aged children and adolescents
15. Older people
16. Nutrition in vulnerable groups
17. Nutrition intervention with individuals
18. Nutrition intervention with populations
19. Sustainable diets
20. Global nutrition
21. Obesity
22. Diabetes
23. Cardiovascular disease
24. Cancer and leukaemia
25. Nutrition support
26. Nutrition in gastrointestinal diseases
27. Pancreatic disease
28. Liver disease
29. Renal disease
30. Respiratory disease and cystic fibrosis
31. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection
32. Nutrition in mental health
33. Nutrition in neurological conditions
34. Rheumatology, dermatology and bone health
35. Pallaitive care
36. Inherited metabolic disorders
37. Food hypersensitivity
38. Drug-nutrient interactions and prescription of nutritional products

About the author: 

Dr Joan Gandy is a Registered Dietitian and a Registered Nutritionist (UK Nutrition Society) who has worked as a dietitian in a variety of setting. She studied for her PhD while working at the MRC's Clinical Research Centre. She worked at Oxford Brookes University as a Senior Research Fellow and helped set up a MSc Public Nutrition (Nutrition) at Westminster University before becoming a Reader in Nutrition. Until recently she was the Editor of the Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics and Research Officer for the British Dietetic Association's. She is currently works a free-lance dietetic and nutrition consultant.; Dr Angela Madden is a Registered Dietitian. She graduated from the University of Surrey and worked as a clinical dietitian in the NHS for 11 years before becoming a Research Fellow at the Royal Free Hospital. She was awarded her PhD for her thesis entitled Nutritional Status and Body Composition in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease. She has continued her career as a lecturer at London Metropolitan University and more recently at the University of Hertfordshire where she leads a team of dietitians and nutritionists involved in teaching and research.; Dr Michelle Holdsworth is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist (UK Nutrition Society) and a Registered Dietitian. After working in various hospital and community dietetics posts in the NHS in the UK, she developed research interests in evaluating the effectiveness of community nutrition projects and went on to study for a PhD in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Leicester. Since then she has pursued a career in academic public health nutrition, working for 4 years at the University of Nottingham, as Lecturer/Associate Professor and for 7 years in Montpellier, France conducting research, teaching and capacity building work in Public Health Nutrition in the Nutrition Unit of the government funded research institute for development- IRD. In 2011, she was appointed to her current post as Senior Lecturer in the Public Health section of ScHARR at the University of Sheffield.

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