The War Beat, Europe: The American Media at War Against Nazi Germany

Steven Casey
Pub date
Jan 2021
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From the North African desert to the bloody stalemate in Italy, from the London blitz to the D-Day beaches, a group of highly courageous and extremely talented American journalists reported the war against Nazi Germany for a grateful audience. Based on a wealth of previously untapped primary sources, War Beat, Europe provides the first comprehensive account of what these reporters witnessed, what they were allowed to publish, and how their reports shaped the home front's perception of some of the most pivotal battles in American history. In a dramatic and fast-paced narrative, Steven Casey takes readers from the inner councils of government, where Franklin D. Roosevelt and George Marshall held clear views about how much blood and gore Americans could stomach, to the command centers in London, Algiers, Naples, and Paris, where many reporters were stuck with the dreary task of reporting the war by communique. At the heart of this book is the epic journey of reporters like Wes Gallagher and Don Whitehead of the Associated Press, Drew Middleton of the New York Times, Bill Stoneman of the Chicago Daily News, and John Thompson of the Chicago Tribune; of columnists like Ernie Pyle and Hal Boyle; and of photographers like Margaret Bourke-White and Robert Capa. These men and women risked their lives on countless occasions to get their dispatches and their images back home. In providing coverage of war in an open society, they also balanced the weighty responsibility of adhering to censorship regulations while working to sell newspapers and maintaining American support for the war. These reporters were driven by a combination of ambition, patriotism, and belief in the cause. War Beat, Europe shows how they earned their reputation as America's golden generation of journalists and wrote the first draft of World War II history for posterity.


Chapter 1. Going to War
Part 1: North Africa
Chapter 2. Invasion, 1942
Chapter 3. The Advent of Ernie
Chapter 4. Defeat at Kasserine
Chapter 5. Victory in Tunisia
Part 2: Bombing Germany
Chapter 6. How-I-Almost-Got Killed-Today Stories
Chapter 7. A High-Octane Outfit
Chapter 8. Dark Days
Part 3: Sicily and Italy
Chapter 9. Invasion, 1943
Chapter 10. An Antidote to Complacency
Chapter 11. Death in Winter
Chapter 12. Anzio and Cassino
Part 4: Overlord
Chapter 13. Fear Lay Blackly Deep Down
Chapter 14. Invasion, 1944
Chapter 15. Normandy Stalemate
Chapter 16. Breakout
Part 5: Victory
Chapter 17. To Germany's Borders
Chapter 18. Blackout on the Bulge
Chapter 19. Into the Reich
Chapter 20. Unconditional Surrender

About the author: 

Steven Casey is Professor in International History at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the author of Cautious Crusade: Franklin Roosevelt, American Public Opinion and the War against Nazi Germany (OUP, 2001); Selling the Korean War: Propaganda, Politics and Public Opinion (OUP, 2007); When Soldiers Fall: How Americans Have Confronted Combat Casualties (OUP, 2014); and The War Beat, Pacific: The American Media at War Against Japan (OUP, 2021).

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