The Turkey That Voted For Christmas

ISBN : 9780192765956

32 Pages
270 x 230 mm
Pub date
Oct 2017


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Timmy Turkey would love to see Christmas come to Pear Tree Farm. But how can that happen when all his family always vote 'NO'? Timmy leads a brilliant campaign. But how will the animals vote? And how will they escape Farmer Carver's turkey twizzling plans? A funny Christmas caper from the duo who created The Mouse That Cancelled Christmas.



  • A festive story fizzing with fun .
  • Children will relish the anticipation of Christmas and the nail-biting outcome of the vote.
  • Gentle and topical parody around campaigning, voting, and surprise electoral outcomes that will appeal to adults sharing the story.
  • Not only is voting part of the most popular TV formats, and part of family life, it's also something that's constantly in the news with Trump and Brexit and isn't going to go away anytime soon.
  • A comedy visual subplot, narrated by a seasonal robin, shows the villainous intentions of the farmer and how he is removed from the farm just in time for Christmas Day.
  • A great title from the same creative partnership that brought you The Mouse that Cancelled Christmas.

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