Oxford English Dictionary Additions Series: Volume 1

ISBN : 9780198612926

John Simpson; Edmund Weiner; J. A. H. Murray
352 Pages
162 x 241 mm
Pub date
Nov 1993
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This is the first of three volumes in a major series supplementing the acclaimed Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Each volume contains 3,000 new words and meanings presented in the style of the OED. representing a variety of work-in-progress from across the alphabetical range, covering words and meanings that have recently entered the language as well as the results of further research on items already included.
With over 12,000 illustrative quotations showing the evolution of each word or meaning, these volumes are not only testimony to the continual development of our living language, but also a compelling browse.
Words from around the world:
Britain: assisted place, steaming
North America: metroplex, statie
Australia: boatie, rego
New Zealand: patete, spiker
South Africa: Broederbond, patha patha
Caribbean: ping-wing, Ras
Wide coverage of subjects:
Politics: Broad Left
Medicine: burstectomy
Broadcasting: squarial
Computing: Unix
Natural History: nectarivore
Literature: narratology
Science: quasicrystal, bijection
Ecology: biohazardous
Sport: bases-loaded, forkball
New loan-words:
shuriken (Japanese)
Shoah (Hebrew)
pisteur (French)
norteamericano (Spanish)
Details of first appearance:
best boy (1937)
Pasionara (1969)
prodrug (1968)
muesli belt (1981)
sous vide (1986)
Please note, this volume is printed with a board cover and does not include a dust jacket.

About the author: 

Editors of the Second Edition of The Oxford English Dictionary

Should be regarded as an essential purchase for a library possessing OED2. - The Year in Reference

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