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The Dream
The Dream
  • A major new translation of The Dream, the sixteenth novel in Zola's Rougon-Macquart series, and the first substantial critical edition
  • Marks a departure by Zola from the realism and naturalism for which he was known, as he experiments with mysticism and fairy tale
  • A wide-ranging introduction explains why Zola chose to experiment with new forms, drawing on his original notes and drafts for the novel
  • Includes a chronology, bibliography, and indepth explanatory notes on topics ranging from embroidery to architecture and the lives of the saints

Is it wrong to love whatever is beautiful and rich? I love it precisely because it is beautiful, because it is rich - because, I think, it brings joy to my heart. . .
On Christmas day, in the flurry of a snow storm, the Huberts discover a ragged nine year old girl sheltering under the neighbouring cathedral porch. Childless and pious, the couple take in and raise Angelique as their own. The girl is intensely passionate, and given to rage and disobedience as well as love and religious fervour. Inspired by The Golden Legend, Angelique creates a dream world all of her own, peopled with spirits. As part of her dream vision, she becomes convinced she will marry a rich and handsome young prince. Her wish seemingly comes true when she falls in love with a lord's son...
The sixteenth novel in the Rougon-Macquart series, The Dream marks a departure by Zola from the conventions of realism. Here, Zola explores the persistence of mysticism, but also blends elements of fairy tale with the naturalist techniques for which he had become known. This edition contains a wide-ranging introduction placing Zola's changing concerns in the context of his wider work, and illuminates key themes in the novel, such as architecture, heraldry, and the lives of the saints.


Translator's Note
Select Bibliography
A Chronology of Emile Zola
Family Tree of the Rougon-Macquart
Explanatory Notes

About the author: 

Émile Zola
Paul Gibbard, Senior Lecturer, European Languages and Studies, University of Western Australia
Paul Gibbard is Senior Lecturer in French Studies at the University of Western Australia. He has worked previously as an editor of the Complete Works of Voltaire at the Voltaire Foundation, Oxford, and at Monash University and the University of New England. His research interests lie in French literature from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, and he has also published on women's political thought during the Enlightenment and the French exploration of Australia.

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ISBN : 9780198745983

Emile Zola; Paul Gibbard
272 Pages
129 x 196 mm
Pub date
Sep 2018
Oxford World's Classics
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The Dream

The Dream

The Dream