Oxford Teaching Workshop Series 2016

Building the foundations for student output

“My students struggle to speak English even though I do all the activities in the textbook. “
”How can I get my students to communicate in English beyond the example sentences I teach them?”
“I’d like to focus on incorporating multiple skills into my lesson.”
For teachers who may be experiencing any of these issues, this workshop series will help you to build the foundations needed to support your students’ output.

The Oxford Teaching Workshop Series 2016 will guide you through the ins and outs of teaching beyond the textbook with tips and advice from a variety of experts, world-renowned authors and teacher trainers.

Topics that will be covered in this year’s workshops include: implementing effective teaching methods and activities, using supplementary materials, classroom management techniques, storytelling and introducing chants and songs into your lessons. The content is well-suited for teachers of private language schools, elementary schools and kindergartens.

Please join us at the Oxford Teaching Workshop Series 2016 and discover ways that you can engage your students and help build the foundations they need to be confident English communicators.

Pre-registration is recommended, however if you are unable to pre-register, please feel free to drop by with your colleagues on the day.

Pre-registration closed. Thank you for those who registered and participated in the workshop.

Date and Venue

  • * This presentation will be conducted in Japanese.
  • * We recommend that you bring lunch
Feb. 6, Sat
Doors Open:10:00
Radio Nippon Kaigishitsu A+B
3F Meiji Yasuda Seimei Radio Nippon Bldg. 5-85 Choja-Machi, Naka-Ku, Yokohama-Shi
Ritsuko Nakata 、Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina、Miki Sakai
Sachiko Sugai
Bookseller:Kinokuniya Yokohama Minato Mirai
Feb. 7, Sun
Doors Open:10:00
Shin Osaka Brick Bldg. 3F Hall A+B+C+D
1-6-1 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-Shi
Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina、Kevin Churchley、Barbara Sakamoto、Setsuko Toyama
Bookseller:Kinokuniya Umeda
Feb. 14, Sun
Doors Open:10:00
TKP Garden City Sendai Hall C
AER 30F, 1-3-1 Chuo, Aoba-Ku, Sendai-Shi
Ben Shearon、Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina、Yuko Suzuki
Bookseller:Maruzen Sendai AER
Feb. 14, Sun
Doors Open:10:00
Nagoya AT Bldg. 2F Nagoya Sun Sky Room A
1-18-22 Nishiki, Naka-Ku, Nagoya-Shi
Ritsuko Nakata 、Setsuko Toyama 、Kevin Churchley、Naoko Ashikawa
Bookseller:Maruzen Nagoya
Feb. 21, Sun
Doors Open:10:00
Aioi Nissay Dowa Sonpo Shinjuku Bldg. B1 Hall
3-25-3 Yoyogi, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Marco Brazil、Kevin Churchley、Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina、Sachiko Sugai
Bookseller:Maruzen Marunouchi
Feb. 27, Sat
Doors Open:10:00
Ariston Hotel Oita 2F Ariston Hall
2-1-7 Miyako-cho, Oita-shi
Barbara Sakamoto、Kevin Churchley、Yoriko Taniyama
Bookseller:Junkudo Oita
Feb. 28, Sun
Doors Open:10:00
TKP Garden City Hakata Annex Jupiter
Hotel Sunline 2F, 4-11-18 Hakata ekimae, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka-shi
Barbara Sakamoto、Sachiko SugaiYoriko Taniyama, Kevin Churchley
Bookseller:Maruzen Hakata
Feb. 28, Sun
Doors Open:10:00
Co-op City Hanazono 4F Garesso Hall
1-2-2 Hanazono, Chuo-ku, Niigata-Shi
Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina、Setsuko Toyama 、Miki Sakai
Bookseller:Kinokuniya Niigata
Mar. 6, Sun
Doors Open:10:00
TKP Omiya Business Center Hall 2
5F Fuji Soft Bldg. 2-26 Nakamachi, Omiya-Ku, Saitama-shi
Ritsuko Nakata 、Ben Shearon、Yuko Suzuki
Bookseller:Royal Books
Mar. 13, Sun
Doors Open:10:00
Sapporo-Shi Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan 3F 302
13 Chome, Kita 1-Jo Nishi, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo-Shi
Barbara Sakamoto、Setsuko Toyama 、Miki Sakai
Mar. 13, Sun
Doors Open:10:00
Hiroshima YMCA Bldg. 2 B1F Convention Hall
7-11 Hacchobori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Ritsuko Nakata 、Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina、Yuko Suzuki
(Updated: Feb 15, 2016)

Presenter Profiles and Presentation Abstracts

Ritsuko Nakata (Co-author, Let's Go)
Ritsuko Nakata is the founder of the IIEEC Teacher Training Center. She is a native of California, and has taught and trained teachers in Japan and other Asian countries for over 30 years. She has developed the popular Model, Action, Talk (MAT) Method, which was also the basis for the best selling Let’s Go series, which she co-authored. She has also developed the Teacher Training Certificate Program for teachers with Oxford University Press and is advisor to several children’s organizations and a private elementary school.
TitleThe Teacher is the Best Visual Aid!
As a teacher, you can do many things to motivate your students and get them to learn, but sometimes you might run out of ideas or things to do. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, having a well balanced lesson using other materials will lead to a better experience for you and your students. Join Ritsuko for a fun workshop as she introduces a variety of supplementary materials and ideas that can be used to activate and motivate your students. Come and see what is possible in your classes.
Barbara Sakamoto (Co-author, Let's Go)
Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto has taught English and ESL in the US, and EFL in Japan for more than twenty years. She is co-author of the best-selling Let's Go series. You can find her online on her award winning blog Teaching Village, her Wiki, on Facebook, or on Twitter.
TitleNo books? No problem!
Success in class is measured not by how much language you teach but how much students can do with the language they learn. To create a classroom of students who are able to do a lot in English, you need to build a strong language foundation by teaching integrated skills, involving multiple senses, and incorporating lots of recycling and expansion. Join Barbara for tips to help your students do more with the English they learn in your classes.
Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina(Authors, Magic Time; Co-authors, Everybody Up, Oxford Discover)
Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina are American ELT authors and teacher-trainers who have taught young learners in Japan for 25 years. They are co-authors of Magic Time, Everybody Up, and Oxford Discover, courses for young learners published by Oxford University Press. Kathleen and Charles are active teachers who promote an inquiry-based approach to learning, where students develop English language fluency as they discover the world around them.
TitleUsing Music and Movement Effectively in the Young Learner Classroom
Music and movement have the potential to create a magical classroom where imaginations soar and where learning happens naturally. Join Magic Time authors Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina as they sing and move to your favorite songs and chants from Magic Time. Explore strategies for making songs and chants successful in your classroom and discover how children build their language skills through “play.” Experience the positive effects of music and movement in your young learner classroom!

*The Tokyo presentation Engaging Young Learners through Content and Inquiry-based Learning, has been changed to Using Music and Movement Effectively in the Young Learner Classroom. See above for details.

Setsuko Toyama(Co-author, English Time)
Setsuko Toyama is the co-author of the best-selling English Time series. Setsuko is a visiting professor at Keiwa College, conducts teacher-training seminars at Tsuda College Open School and works closely with elementary school teachers of Primary English in Niigata.
TitleDrama Activities in the Children’s Classroom
Drama activities are strong vehicles to encourage learners to speak English in meaningful contexts. In this presentation Setsuko will share activities that work successfully in the classroom and discuss and explore the reasons behind their success.
Ben Shearon(Tohoku University)
Ben Shearon was born in Germany, but claims to be British. He has lived in Sendai since 2000. A lecturer at Tohoku University, Ben also has experience teaching in Japanese elementary, junior and senior high, and private language schools. He serves as an educational advisor to Cambridge English language school and Nika Junior and Senior High School in Sendai. Ben also works as a teacher trainer, conducting presentations and workshops throughout Asia. His main areas of interest are program and curriculum design, extensive reading, self-access and technology in language learning, and presenting skills. He is a presenting skills consultant for Oxford University Press.
TitleStarting a Reading Program for Young Learners: Some Practical Advice
Many teachers are aware of the benefits of reading in English and would like to start reading programs for their students, but the practical difficulties seem too great. From budgeting to choosing books to planning and explaining class activities, this workshop will provide very specific advice for teachers who want to start or expand a reading program.
Kevin Churchley(Shumei Yachiyo Junior/Senior High school)
Primarily as an elementary school teacher, but also as course planner and director of an English immersion programme, Kevin Churchley has worked with young learners in Japan, Singapore and the UK for over twenty-five years. He has a long-held interest in the power of creativity and the use of stories in the classroom. He currently teaches English at a private high school in Saitama.
TitleBuilding Strong Foundations with the ORT
Stories ignite student interest and activate the thinking process. Stories provide depth and context to a grammar point, drill, or textbook exercise. Stories create an emotional connection to meaning that help students build strong foundations in the language. In this presentation Kevin will demonstrate how the stories of the Oxford Reading Tree help to make learning personal, relevant, and fun.
Marco Brazil(Executive Training Director, Institute of English Teaching To Children (IETC))
Marco holds a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and a degree in Development Communication (DevCom). He has been teaching children for over 18 years and training teachers in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. He is an associate of International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi) and just recently appointed as International Consultant for Teaching English to Young Learners of International TESOL Corporation. Marco is fondly called The King of Games.
TitleMemorable Not Memorized Learning
Join Marco for an interactive presentation where teachers will discover the world of music, chants, critical thinking activities and games and how they can be put together in the creative classroom to promote a memorable learning experience. All activities will be based on teaching English as a foreign language (EFL).
Yuko Suzuki(ABC4YOU children's English school)
Yuko is the owner of ABC4YOU children's English school in Tokyo and an experienced teacher trainer and presenter. She is a trainer of the English Tadoku Reading Club and works closely as a tadoku advisor with English teachers of young learners, junior and senior high school teachers. She received her Masters of Science from Keio University in 1994.
TitlePreparing for Output by Extensive SHADOKU (Reading while Shadowing)
Reading stories for enjoyment is a natural way to develop reading skills and many learners of English put a lot of effort into reading, but sometimes the joy of left behind. There are many books which young learners can read easily and enjoy at the same time, and books with audio allow students to listen to a variety of fluent readings.
Extensive SHADOKU (Extensive Reading (TADOKU) while Shadowing) is a method which enables young learners to read lots of books out loud by themselves for pleasure starting with easy fun books. This enables students to read a tremendous amount of words and phrases and gets them simulating expressions in the stories. They not only improve their reading fluency (reading with expressions) but also their output ability as well.
Yuko will introduce the Extensive SHADOKU reading method , show examples of output from secondary students, and give some effective ideas for bringing it into your English class.
Miki SakaiJulia English School IIEEC Teacher Training Center
Miki Sakai worked at a trading company after graduating from University. She then established Julia English School to encourage students of all ages to study practical English. In 2008, she became the head trainer of IIEEC (Institute for the International English Education for Children), and has been a teacher adviser at Seibu Gakuen Bunri Elementary School since 2009. In 2010, she started Bunny’s Extensive Reading Association to teach adult students. Throughout the year she gives lectures and provides training at private language schools and elementary schools.
TitleEmpowering English through Exposure, Basics, and Expansion: Enhancing the students' communication skills and linguistic ability
Understanding English and being able to use it in context are two different things. With solid basics and lessons with variety and meaningful contents that meet their age level and interests, students will learn to use English naturally in real situations and develop communication skills. In this presentation Miki will introduce lessons with three approaches (Exposure, Basics and Expansion) and show sample lessons for strengthening students’ thinking abilities and communication skills.
Sachiko SugaiAEON Corporation
Sachiko Sugai is the Education Coordinator for the Educational Institution Section of AEON Corporation. She has over 15 years of experience as a teacher and teacher trainer. She has taught a wide range of students and teachers. She has been providing teacher support and workshops nationwide. She has a J-SHINE trainer license and a perfect score on the TOEIC test.
TitleMotivating young learners to speak up in the classroom
In this presentation, the participants will learn how to utilize the textbook series “Everybody Up” from the perspective of an AEON KIDS teacher trainer. Various activities will also be discussed in order to motivate young learners to speak up in the classroom.
Yoriko TaniyamaTeacher Trainer
Yoriko Taniyama has been teaching students from children to adults for over twenty years. Since 2001, she has assisted English classes at elementary schools in Fukuoka city and in 2015 was appointed as a teacher trainer to train elementary school teachers in Nagasaki and Omura cities. She is also a member of PEN (Primary English in Niigata).
TitleActivities to get your students to enjoy communication
In this presentation the presenter, drawing on her vast experience teaching English at elementary schools, will introduce a variety of activities which will appeal to different types of young learners and allow them to participate actively and experience the fun of communication.
Naoko Ashikawa(Oxford University Press)
Naoko Ashikawa currently works at Oxford University Press as Content Marketing Executive and presenter. She has over ten years experience as a teacher and teacher trainer. She has a very engaging and natural style as a teacher, trainer and presenter.
TitleThe Power of Songs and Chants to Build Children's Language Skills
Songs and chants are essential tools to create active and engaging English classes for young learners, but they should not be just for having fun. In this presentation, Naoko will explore the effectiveness of using songs and chants in language teaching, share some practical ideas for creating chants and introduce some activities using both songs and chants. Let's feel the power of melody and rhythm together.
(Updated: Feb 9, 2016)


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