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Oxford Reading Club

Oxford Reading Club

Read your way to better English.Anytime. Anywhere.


What is Oxford Reading Club?

What is Oxford Reading Club?

Oxford Reading Club offers a smart way to read digital graded readers by Oxford University Press. Multi-skill language practice improves listening, reading, speaking and vocabulary so you can read your way to better English.

What can I read?

Choose from over 1,000 captivating e-books covering all levels and genres, including Oxford Reading Tree, Oxford Bookworms Library, and Dominoes, Oxford Reading Club covers everything from first phonics to classic literature.

Available titles(PDF)

  • Oxford Reading Tree
    Oxford Reading Tree
  • Oxford Bookworms Library
    Oxford Bookworms Library
  • Reading Stars
    Reading Stars
  • Dominoes
  • Oxford Read Discover
    Oxford Read & Discover
  • Oxford Read Imagine
    Oxford Read & Imagine
  • Classic Tales
    Classic Tales
  • Dolphin Readers
    Dolphin Readers
  • Lets Go Readers
    Let's Go Readers
  • Oxford Phonics World Readers
    Oxford Phonics World Readers
  • Reading w Phinne
    Reading with Phinnie
  • Happy Readers
    Happy Readers
  • Tick Tock Readers
    Tick Tock Readers


5-Step Reading gives you 5 times the benefits

Improve all areas of learning including listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Speak Up pronunciation check

Improve pronunciation skills while reading your favorite books.

Advanced speech recognition technology analyzes learner’s pronunciation providing instant feedback and highlighting areas for improvement.

Interactive activities

Titles with on-page activities feature interactive tools. Learners can complete the exercises, check their answers and retry to build their understanding and help them improve.

  • ・Multiple-choice quizzes
  • ・Gap-fill activities
  • ・Matching activities

Utilize the advanced e-book for smart reading

Use a variety of media including word cards, audio with adjustable speed, and voice recording.

Vocabulary development

Instantly access clear and simple definitions from the Oxford Essential Dictionary, Oxford Wordpower Dictionary, and Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. See example sentences from a variety of books in the library to understand different contexts.

Listen to audiobooks

Listen to your favorite audiobooks on the app:

  • ・Create personalized playlists of your favorite books.
  • ・Download and listen offline, anytime, anywhere.
  • ・Enhance your listening experience with options like shuffle, skip, and speed adjustment.

Buy an access code

Individual users can access Oxford Reading Club on smartphone, tablet or PC from ¥990.
There are 3 types of access code, ranging from 1 month to 12 months.
For institutions, please contact us.

1 month access code


6 month access code


12 month access code


Oxford Reading Club for Institutions

Oxford Reading Club is also available for institutions.
To find out more and request a quotation, please contact us.