The Tudors: A Very Short Introduction (2nd edition) [#020]
The Tudors: A Very Short Introduction (2nd edition) [#020]


  • An indispensable introduction to anyone interested in the Tudors
  • The most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the period, which has been completely revised for this new edition
  • Considers all aspects of the Tudor age, from religion and politics to gender issues and art and culture
  • Written by a leading Tudor historian

New to this Edition:

  • Completely rewritten with a revised structure to encompass recent research and developments
  • Includes an new overview of the 'British' dimension of Tudor history, including Scotland, Wales, and Ireland
  • Expanded section on the gender issues of the period, related to minority and unmarried female rule
  • Features a new chapter on material culture and the arts, including aspects of architecture, sculpture, and literature
  • Revised account of Catholicism and Puritanism during the reign of Elizabeth I

The monarchs of the Tudor period are among some of the most well-known figures in British history. John Guy presents a compelling and fascinating exploration of the Tudors in the new edition of this Very Short Introduction

Looking at all aspects of the period, from beginning to end, he considers Tudor politics, religion, and economics, as well as issues relating to gender and minority rule, and the art, architecture, and social and material culture of the time. Introducing all of the key Tudor monarchs, Guy considers the impact the Tudor period had not only at the time, but also the historical legacy it left behind. 


Genealogical table
The Tudor Succession
Note on Units of Currency
1: Henry VII: Founding a new dynasty
2: Henry VIII: The personification of power
3: The Reformation and British 'Imperial' Kingship
4: Mid-Tudor crisis and the succession
5: Philip and Mary: an experiment in dual monarchy
6: The early Elizabethan polity
7: Material culture and the arts
8: After the armada
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John Guy, Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge
John Guy is a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge. His previous titles include My Heart is My Own: The Life of Mary Queen of Scots (Fourth Estate, 2004), A Daughter's Love: Thomas and Margaret More (Fourth Estate, 2008), and Thomas Becket: Warrior, Priest, Rebel, Victim (Penguin-Viking, 2012). Recognised as one of Britain's leading historians on the Tudor period, he lecturers and speaks widely at literary festivals and on radio and television. He was the Winner of the 2004 Whitbread Biography Award and of the 2005 Marsh Biography Award.

"Guy looks beyond this bunch of merry and not so merry monarchs to give a concise guide to the whole Tudor world from politics, religion and economics to gender, art and culture." - Northern Echo


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John Guy
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The Tudors: A Very Short Introduction (2nd edition) [#020]

The Tudors: A Very Short Introduction (2nd edition) [#020]

The Tudors: A Very Short Introduction (2nd edition) [#020]