Social Psychology: A Very Short Introduction

ISBN : 9780198715511

Richard J. Crisp
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Very Short Introductions



  • Tells the story of social psychology, from the earliest explorations to exciting cutting edge ideas
  • Introduces the core theories, approaches, and findings of social psychology
  • Written by a leader in the field, and one of the most prolific, active and well-known psychologists in the UK

Social psychology is about the people who populate our everyday lives, and how they affect our 'personal universe', defining who we are, and shaping our behaviour, beliefs, attitudes, and ideology. In an age where we've mapped the human genome and explored much of the physical world, the study of people's behaviour is one of the most exciting frontiers of scientific endeavor.
In this Very Short Introduction Richard Crisp tells the story of social psychology, its history, concepts and major theories. Discussing the classic studies that have defined the discipline, Crisp introduces social psychology's key thinkers, and shows how their personal histories spurred them to understand what connects people to people, and the societies in which we live. Taking us from the first ideas of the discipline to its most cutting edge developments, Crisp demonstrates how social psychology remains profoundly relevant to everyday life. From attitudes to attraction, prejudice to persuasion, health to happiness - social psychology provides insights that can change the world, and help us tackle the defining problems of the 21st century. 


1: All about us: the science of social behaviour
2: The social mind
3: Attitudes and influence
4: Obedience, oppression and aggression
5: Intergroup relations
6: Love and attraction
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Richard J. Crisp, Professor of Psychology, Aston Business School
Richard Crisp is a professor, writer, scientist, and teacher who has held a lifelong fascination with what makes people 'tick'. He fell in love with Social Psychology while studying at the University of Oxford. His PhD thesis research - an experimental investigation of how people mentally represent social diversity - bore multiple awards and set him on a 20 year voyage of discovery in to the psychology of social behaviour He has published over 130 articles, chapters and books, and is Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Richard has won numerous awards for his research and writing including the prestigious British Psychological Society Spearman Medal for outstanding achievement in published research. He is the winner of the British Psychological Society's President's Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge 2014.