The Duke's Children (Complete Text: Extended Edition)

ISBN : 9780198835875

Anthony Trollope; Steven Amarnick
784 ページ
129 x 196 mm mm
Oxford World's Classics
  • The Duke's Children is a touching story of love, family relationships. loyalty, principles, horse-racing, flirtation, and debt, as the old Duke struggles to come to terms with the loss of his wife and the stubbornness of his children.
  • Features an introduction written by Steven Amarnick, a leading authority on Trollope's work.
  • This edition features a substanial amount of previously cut material, which was removed in order for the original book to be published. This restored version of The Duke's Children can be read as Trollope originally intended.
  • The concluding novel in the Palliser series, The Duke's Children stands alone as well as being the perfect culmination to Trollope's superb sequence.


He was alone in the world, and there was no one of whom he could ask a question.
After the sudden death of his wife, two years after he has left office as Prime Minister, the Duke of Omnium must become deeply involved with his children for the first time. They vex him enormously: with school expulsions, vast gambling debts, and what he considers to be calamitous romantic attachments. He tries to compel them to do what he wants, but they are not so easy to manage.

Even when his eldest child and heir, Lord Silverbridge, makes him proud by embarking upon a political career, the Duke grapples with heartache. For Silverbridge becomes a Conservative rather than a Liberal, flouting the family tradition. The relationship between father and son is drawn with remarkable subtlety, and the book as a whole becomes a piercing, yet often humorous, exploration of change: how both the young and the old resist, tolerate, or embrace it.

Trollope cut roughly 65,000 words, at a vulnerable moment in his career, to get the novel published, but concluded rapidly that he had made a grievous error. After a painstaking reconstruction by a team of researchers, The Duke's Children, the final book in Trollope's famed Palliser  series, can now be read the way he first intended. It is a masterpiece of Victorian fiction.


Anthony Trollope
Edited by Steven Amarnick, City University of New York
​Steven Amarnick is Professor of English at the City University of New York (Kingsborough Community College). In addition to his work on The Duke's Children, Prof. Amarnick has lectured and written extensively on other aspects of Trollope's fiction. Most recently, he is author of 'A Christmas Cavil: Trollope Re-Writes Dickens in the Outback,' in The Edinburgh Companion to Anthony Trollope (Edinburgh University Press, 2018); 'Can You Forgive Him?: Trollope, Jews, and Prejudice,' in The Routledge Research Companion to Anthony Trollope (Routledge, 2016); and 'Killing Mrs Proudie,' in Trollopiana (Winter 2012-13). He was also curator of the exhibition 'Anthony Trollope: The Art of Modesty,' at the Fales Collection, New York University (1998).