A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering (2nd edition)
A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering (2nd edition)

A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering (2nd edition)

Christopher Gorse; David Johnston; Martin Pritchard
  • Over 8,000 clear and concise entries
  • Entries contributed by a team of over 130 international experts
  • Contains more than 600 new entries, concentrating on areas such as sustainability, new technologies, disaster management, and building software
  • Supplemented by dozens of illiustrations and web links
  • Includes suggestions for further reading

New to this Edition:

  • More than 600 new entries, including many written by over 50 international subject experts
  • 5 new illustrations

This new edition of A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering is the most up-to-date dictionary of its kind. In more than 8,000 entries it covers the key areas of civil and construction engineering, construction technology and practice, construction management techniques and processes, as well as legal aspects such as contracts and procurement.
It has been updated with more than 600 new entries spanning subjects such as sustainability, new technologies, disaster management, and building software. New additions include terms such as Air source heat pump, hydraulic failure, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, off-site construction, predictive performance, sustainable development, and value engineering. Useful diagrams and web links complement the text, which also includes suggestions for further reading.
With contributions from more than 130 experts from around the world, this dictionary is an authoritative resource for engineering students, construction professionals, and surveyors.


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Edited by Christopher Gorse, Director of the Leeds Sustainability Institute, Leeds Beckett University, David Johnston, Professor in the Centre of the Built Environment, Leeds Beckett University, and Martin Pritchard, Reader in Civil Engineering, Leeds Beckett University
Prof Christopher Gorse is Director of the Leeds Sustainability Institute at Leeds Beckett University where he holds a Chair in Construction and Project Management. He is currently the Chair of the Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM), Chair of the International Conference for Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society (SEEDS) and is a founding member of the Building Performance Network. Chris is a Chartered Builder and Engineering Professors' Council Member, holding Principal Investigator positions for major construction, environment and energy research projects. Chris has written extensively on buildings, construction law, education, management, energy efficiency, digital innovation and sustainability.

Dr David Johnston is a Professor of Building Performance Evaluation within Leeds Sustainability Institute. He has over twenty five years' experience of applied and theoretical research and consultancy in low carbon housing and is a leading expert in coheating testing and building performance evaluation. He has led and managed numerous field trial projects in both new and existing dwellings, involving detailed in-use monitoring of energy consumption, the analysis of occupant behaviour and detailed evaluations of the fabric and services performance of domestic buildings. He is an expert member of the British Standards Institution B/540/9 and CEN Technical Committee 89 Working Group 13. He is also the co-author of numerous technical reports and peer reviewed publications.

Dr Martin Pritchard (BEng Hons, PGCHE, APDRAS, PhD, SFHEA, CEng FICE) is a Reader in Civil Engineering at Leeds Beckett University. He is a civil engineer and has conducted extensive international work on water purification systems and developed sustainable approaches to infrastructure works in developing countries. He also has a particular interest in geotechnics and computer modelling

Dr Emmanuel Abogye-Nimo
Dr Dominic Ahiaga-Dagbui
Dr Ash Ahmed
Prof. Akintoye Akintola
Dr David Allinson
Prof. Patricia Aloise-Young
Prof. Karl Andersson
Dr Philip Ashton
Mike Bates
Dr Geert Bauwens
Dr Nicholas Chileshe
Dr Colin Booth
Dr Adrian Bown
Prof. David Boyd
Matthew Brooke-Peat
Prof. Anita Ceric
Prof. Paul Chan
Dr Udeaja Chika
Dr Vivien Chow
Dr Alexander Copping
Prof. Richard Cozzens
Tom Craven
Prof. Andrew Dainty
Prof. Mohammad Dastbaz
Ian Dickinson
Prof. Olaf Droegehorn
Prof. Mohammed Dulaimi
Prof. Charles Egbu
Dr Cliff Elwell
Prof. Fidelis Emuze
Dr Aitor Erkoreka
Barry Falconer
David Farmer
Prof. Jeremy Farner
Dr Richard Fitton
Dr Martin Fletcher
Dr Cormac Flood
Dr Fiona Fylan
Phillip Garrison
Prof. Jean-Phillipe Georges
Dr Kassim Gidado
Prof. Jacqui Glass
Dr Barry Gledson
Dr David Glew
Ellen Glover
Prof. Jan Godsell
Prof. Jack Goulding
Martin Green
Prof. David Greenwood
Prof. Rajat Gupta
Tahira Hamid
Dr Adam Hardy
Dr Anthony Higham
David Highfield
Dr Paul Hirst
Dr Jeffrey Hobday
Prof. Will Hughes
Prof. Sher Jamal Khan
Prof. Arnold Janssens
Stewart Jones
Hadi Kazemi
Dr Andrew King
Dr Louise King
Dr Alexandra Klimova
Dr Mikkel Kragh
Dr Alfred Leung
Prof. Kevin Lomas
Martin Loosemore />Prof. Robert Lowe
Dr Shu-Ling Lu
Dr Patrick Manu
Dr Wilfred Masuwa Matipa
Dr Angela Maye-Banbury
Dr Michael McCarney
Samantha Mepham
Amr Metwally
Jennifer Muston
Dr Christopher Neilson
Prof. Alan Newall
Killian Ngong
Prof. Catherine Noakes
Dr Alex Opoku
Dr Mohamed Osmani
Dr Alice Owen
Dr Noel Painting
Dr Wei Pan
Dr James Parker
Prof. Parneet Paul
Dr Poorang Piroozfar
Dr Francesco Pomponi
Prof. Jari Porras />Prof. David Proverbs
Dr Ani Raiden
Prof. Christine Raisanen
Karl Redmond
Prof. Gustaaf Roels
Prof. Eric Rondeau
Prof. Andrew Ross
Josie Rothera
Prof. Dirk Saelens
Dr Ajayi Saheed
Dr Libby Schweber
Prof. Lloyd Scott
Dominic Miles Shenton
Dr Fred Sherratt
Dr Shariful Shikder
Prof. Gary Shuckford
Prof. Peter Skipworth
Prof. John Smallwood
Dr Melanie Smith
Anthony Smith
Dr Simon Smith
Dr Robby Soetanto
Dr John Spillane
Prof. Paul Stephenson
Prof. Ian Strange
Dr Christian Stuck
Prof. John Sturges
Prof. Andrew Swan
Prof. William Swan
Felix Thomas
Dr Craig Thomson
Prof. David Thorpe
Prof. Tony Thorpe
Dr Niraj Thurairajah
Dr Apollo Tutesigensi
Michael White
Paul Whitehead
Prof. Jennifer Whyte
Mark Wilson
Prof Jan de Wit
Dr Hannah Wood
Prof. Peter Young
Dr Sam Zulu


ISBN : 9780198832485

Christopher Gorse; David Johnston; Martin Pritchard
576 ページ
129 x 129 mm
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A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering (2nd edition)

A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering (2nd edition)

A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering (2nd edition)