Oxford English-Sindhi Dictionary
Oxford English-Sindhi Dictionary
  • It is the Sindhi version of our very popular The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, 9e.
  • It contains approximately 65,000 headwords, more than 140,000 meanings and about 3 million text words.
  • The first English-Sindhi bilingual dictionary in which IPA pronunciation is given in Sindhi orthographies.

Oxford English-Sindhi Dictionary is an English-Sindhi version of the very popular Concise Oxford English Dictionary, 9e with 2200 pages and size of 240x180 mm. Sindhi is the third most frequently spoken language of Pakistan with approximately 41 million speakers in Pakistan and 12 million in India. It is recognized an official language of Sindh, province of Pakistan and one of the 18 official languages of India. Sindhi is the medium of instruction and a compulsory language in schools of Sindh (Pakistan). 
The dictionary contains approximately 65,000 headwords, more than 140,000 meanings and about 3 million text words. The IPA is given in Sindhi orthography. Scientific and technical terminologies are dealt with proper Sindhi equivalents. The subsumed idioms, phrasal verbs, and derivatives are explained in easy, simple and explanatory language. It is the first and foremost comprehensive and affordable work in English-Sindhi bilingual lexicographical history.


Siraj-ul-Haque MemonGhulam Ali alanna, and Qalandar Shah Lakiaree

Mr Siraj-ul-Haque Memon, Chief Editor of Oxford English-Sindhi Dictionary is a well-known and authentic writer, novelist, scholar, lawyer and journalist of Sindhi and Urdu. He is considered a pillar of Modern Sindhi. He has published two collections of short stories and 6 novels in Sindhi. He also worked on Sindhi linguistics and contributed research reports on history of Sindhi language. He had been the editor of established Sindhi daily Hilal-e-Pakistan for six years.
Prof. Dr Ghulam Ali Alanna is a researcher, scholar, author, and linguist of Sindhi. He has served as Vice-Chancellor of Sindh University, Jamshoro and Director of Institute of Sindhology, Jamshoro and Chairman of Sindhi Language Authority, Hyderabad. He wrote many books and research studies of Sindhi like Sindhi boli jo bun bunyad (origin of Sindhi language), Illim Sotiat (phonetics), and Papers on Sindhi Language and Linguistics.
Prof. Qalandar Shah Lakiaree is a native speaker of Sindhi and has good command over almost 12 languages, i.e. Urdu, Seraiki, Punjabi (Gurmukhi), Hindi, Gujarati, Kuchhi, Arabic, Persian, Russian, French and English. He has edited Oxford Elementary Learner's English-Sindhi Dictionary. He has more than 38 years experience of English teaching at the University level.


ISBN : 9780195978216

Siraj-Ul-Haque Memon; Ghulam Ali Alanna; Qalander Shah Lakiaree
2200 ページ
186 x 249 mm





Oxford English-Sindhi Dictionary

Oxford English-Sindhi Dictionary

Oxford English-Sindhi Dictionary