English-English-Bengali Dictionary
English-English-Bengali Dictionary

This dictionary contains more than 50,000 up-to-date entries and related phrases and idioms; words with irregular forms and more than 200 illustrations. Like our other Bilingual Dictionaries, this has been specially compiled for learners of English, teachers, translators and general readers. 

  • The English base of the dictionary, taken from the Oxford Students Dictionary, has been adapted for Indian readers.
  • A wide range of scienti?c and technical vocabulary has been included.
  • Words from current usage, including Indian English have been added.
  • Detailed meanings and synonyms in English and Bengali have been provided.
  • Words like calorie, camera, dashboard, and X-ray which do not have equivalent Bengali words have been explained by detailed definitions. 
  • Many words such as computer, multimedia, software and smart card have been written out in Bengali to show that such words have now been included in the language. 
  • The Bengali translation is simple and re?ects the current usage of the language
  • A pronunciation guide using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) along with their Bengali equivalents is given for help in pronunciation.
  • A list of sufixes and prefixes translated in Bengali and a list of all verbs with irregular forms have been added to the appendix for advanced learners of English.

Edited by Moitreyee Mitra, Dr, University of Delhi, and Dipendranath Mitra, Dr
Dr Moitreyee Mitra (PhD) is a recognized translator of English to Bengali and Hindi to Bengali. She retired as Reader in Bengali from University of Delhi. She has translated a number of books for various publishers in India. She has been associated with bilingual projects of Oxford University Press India, the Essential English-English-Bengali Dictionarybeing one of them. She has been an editor in Bengali and contributes articles in various literary journals.
Dipendranath Mitra has had a long and chequered publishing career. He served as the Assistant Director, Publications Division, Government of India. He spent over ten years at the Sahitya Akademi, where he was involved in the preparation and production of many important publications such as the Bangiya Sabdakosh, Tagore Centenary Volume and Whos Who of Indian Writers. He later worked as the Chief Editor with Tata McGraw Hill. His ?nal fourteen-year-long assignment was with Oxford University Press India where he was involved in the production of several key titles including dictionaries.


ISBN : 9780199478071

Moitreyee Mitra; Dipendranath Mitra
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English-English-Bengali Dictionary

English-English-Bengali Dictionary

English-English-Bengali Dictionary