Workbook in Inorganic Chemistry
Workbook in Inorganic Chemistry

Are you afraid of unfamiliar questions? Do you struggle to know how even to begin answering them? Problem solved! Use the Workbooks in Chemistry series to: - Know the facts: review the concepts you need to draw on to answer the question - Understand the strategy: learn how to approach each question in a systematic way - Master the solution: get to the right answer first time The Workbooks in Chemistry series takes a worked example led approach to help you develop the problem-solving skills you need to understand how to approach unfamiliar questions and to answer them successfully. Written to build the confidence of every reader, its extensive worked examples, enriched with guidance and advice, are matched with relevant problems to help you maximise your performance and achieve success during the formative early years of your degree programme, and beyond.


1 Atomic Structure
2 Molecular Orbitals and Structure
3 Periodicity and Chemistry of the s and p-block
4 Solids
5 Coordination Complexes of the d-block metals


Professor Matthew Almond is Professor of Chemistry Education and Dean of Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Reading. He is a National Teaching Fellow and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is a lecturer in Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, teaching at all parts of the programmes. ; Dr Mark Spillman is a crystallographer and teaching fellow in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Reading. His research involves developing new computational techniques for determining the full three-dimensional structure of complex crystalline materials, from low-resolution powder X-ray diffraction data. Mark primarily teaches inorganic chemistry, though his teaching commitments extend to aspects of physical chemistry and mathematics. ; Elizabeth Page is Professor of Chemical Education at the University of Reading where she teaches inorganic and coordination chemistry. She is also the first year tutor in the Department and her educational work focuses on the secondary to tertiary transition, and team and problem based learning. Elizabeth received the RSC Education Award in 2010 and is a University and National Teaching Fellow and Senior Fellow of the HEA.


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Workbook in Inorganic Chemistry

Workbook in Inorganic Chemistry

Workbook in Inorganic Chemistry