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Inspire students to enjoy learning in English with a trusted methodology and easy-to-use teaching tools. Let's Go 5th Edition provides lively and motivating activities and offers plenty of opportunities for students to practice using the language they are learning.

About the course

  • American English
  • 8 levels (Let's Begin 1 ~ Level 6)

Teacher's Pack includes Classroom Presentation Tool, Teacher's Guide and Teacher's Resource Center.

  • Classroom Presentation Tool allows you to show the Student Book and Workbook on-screen during lessons.
  • Classroom Presentation Tool makes it easy for you to plan your lessons wherever you are. Add text or audio notes to a page, save your web links, then open them in class.
  • Can-do activities on the Classroom Presentation Tool allow students to measure their own progress in a meaningful way.
  • Teacher's Guide provides step-by-step guidance on all content in the Student Book, including an introductory description of the methodology and concept behind the course.
  • Teacher's Resource Center helps you get the most out of your class with an extensive, easy-to-access library of teaching resources including: worksheets, professional development videos, practice tests and teaching tips.

Find out more in the digital brochure: https://view.pagetiger.com/lets-go-5e-brochure

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ISBN : 9780194050142

Paperback with Multimedia
Let's Go
Let's Begin 2
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Customer reviews



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Let's Go 5th Edition: Let's Begin 2: Teacher's Pack

Let's Go 5th Edition: Let's Begin 2: Teacher's Pack

Let's Go 5th Edition: Let's Begin 2: Teacher's Pack