Cryptography: A Very Short Introduction

ISBN : 9780192803153

Fred C. Piper; Sean Murphy
160 Pages
113 x 177 mm
Pub date
May 2002
Very Short Introductions


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  • The authors are both experts in the theory and practice of codes and their decipherment
  • Written in a fluid and lively style to appeal to the non-mathematical reader
  • Covers issues such as data protection, and applications of cryptography in modern technology
  • Takes the reader through the actual processes of developing codes and deciphering them

This book is a clear and informative introduction to cryptography and data protection - subjects of considerable social and political importance. It explains what algorithms do, how they are used, the risks associated with using them, and why governments should be concerned. Important areas are highlighted, such as Stream Ciphers, block ciphers, public key algorithms, digital signatures, and applications such as e-commerce. This book highlights the explosive impact of cryptography on modern society, with, for example, the evolution of the internet and the introduction of more sophisticated banking methods. 


1. Introduction
2. Understanding cryptography
3. Historical algorithms: simple examples
4. Unbreakable ciphers?
5. Modern algorithms
6. Practical security
7. Uses of cryptography
8. Key management
9. Cryptography in everyday life
References and further reading

About the author: 

Fred Piper has been a Professor of Mathematics at the University of London since 1975 and has worked in security since 1979. In 1985 he formed a company, Codes & Ciphers Ltd., which offers consultancy advice in all aspects of information security.He has lectured worldwide on a wide range of topics in information security, both academically and comercially.
Sean Murphy
is currently a Reader in the Information Security Group. His research interests centre on cryptology, especially encryption algorithms. He published some of the early papers on differential cryptanalysis, and has written papers on a variety of cryptographic algorithms such as DES, FEAL, IDEA, SAFER and Twofish.

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