Organizational Change: Themes and Issues

Jim Grieves
Pub date
Feb 2010
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Organizational Change is the first organizational change text written specifically with post-experience students in mind. It provides the level of theory and critique required at this level, while encouraging readers to reflect and draw upon their own experience of the working world in the 'stop and think' features throughout each chapter. Jim Grieves employs a 'four perspectives' approach to change which runs throughout the book to provide a clear pathway and overall argument for student learning. Offering a refreshing thematic approach, the book focusses on key issues such as the ethics of change. The two-part structure (Part 1: Understanding Change and Part 2: Implementing Change) places organizational change in context before guiding students through the key issues to consider in practice. A full complement of pedagogical features are consistently applied throughout to support students and to ensure they benefit fully from the wide-ranging content. Chapter summaries ensure students have a clear understanding of key points; study questions allow the reader to check their understanding and think around the subject. Exercises encourage students to apply their knowledge to companies with which they are familiar, and longer end-of-chapter cases draw on topical examples featuring companies such as Northern Rock and Siemens. Online Resource Centre For Lecturers: Diagrams, tables and figures from the text Guidance notes for the case studies Teaching and discussion points For Students: Web links Updates to cases Answers to end of chapter case study questions References to seminal papers Links to articles



About the author: 

Jim Grieves has been a guest speaker on the practice of organizational development and managing change at international organizations and international conferences. He has undertaken consultancy and training for organizations in the public and private sectors. He has received an award for excellence for Outstanding Contribution to The Journal of Management Development (2001), the Anbar Citation of excellence from Human Resource Development International (1999), and Best Speaker Award from Lucent Technologies at the International Conference for Organisational Development (May 1999) in Bahrain.

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