Engineering Mathematics

ISBN : 9780198070894

Srimanta Pal; Subodh C. Bhunia
1036 Pages
217 x 278 mm
Pub date
Sep 2015
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Engineering Mathematics is a textbook written for undergraduate students of all streams of engineering. This book exhaustively covers all the topics taught in mathematics in different semesters in the B.Tech curriculum. Beginning with the basics, the book first introduces mathematics and its nuances to the students and explains the difference between applied mathematics and engineering mathematics. Fundamental topics such as sequence and series and matrices are discussed with the applications to engineering applications to engineering problems. Other important topics such as three dimensional geometry, functions of single variable and several variables, differential calculus, integral calculus, Fourier series, Fourier transform, Fourier integrals, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, special functions, vector calculus, complex analysis, and Laplace transform have been discussed in detail. Separate chapters are dedicated to probability, statistics, numerical methods, and discrete mathematics. Most of the chapters comprise sections on applications to engineering problems. There are separate chapters discussing the applications of the mathematical theorems and numerical methods to engineering problems. Plenty of solved examples, review questions, numerical exercises, and multiple choice questions have been provided to ensure that students get enough practice.


1. Scope of Engineering Mathematics
2. Sequences and Series
3. Theory of Matrices
4. Applications of Matrices to Engineering Problems
5. Three-dimensional Geometry
6. Functions of a Single Variable
7. Functions of Several Variables
8. Applications of Differential Calculus
9. Integral Calculus
10. Applications of Integral Calculus
11. Fourier Series
12. Ordinary Differential Equations
13. Applications of Ordinary Differential Equations
14. Partial Differential Equations
15. Applications of Partial Differential Equations to Problems Related to Science and Engineering
16. Special Functions
17. Vector Calculus
18. Complex Analysis
19. Fourier Integrals
20. Fourier Transform
21. Laplace Transform and its Applications
22. z-Transform and its Applications
23. Probability Theory and its Applications
24. Statistical Techniques and its Applications
25. Discrete Mathematics and its Applications
26. Numerical Methods
Appendix A Formulae

About the author: 

Srimanta Pal is currently Professor at Electronics and Communication Sciences unit, Indian Statistical Institute(ISI), Calcutta. A PhD from IIT Kharagpur, he obtained an MBA from Jadavpur University (JU), M. Tech. (Comp. Sc.) from ISI Calcutta, B. Tech. (Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering) from JU and B.Sc. (Mathematics) from University of Calcutta. He has a teaching experience of close to two decades in prestigious institutions such as JU and IIMC (Indian Institute of Mangement Calcutta); Subodh C. Bhunia is currently Director at Orient Digital Company Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. An M. Tech from ISI, Kolkata and an M.Sc. from Calcutta University in Applied Mathematics, he has about five years of teaching and close to three decades of industrial experience.

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