Yemen: What Everyone Needs to Know®

ISBN : 9780190932275

Asher Orkaby
256 ページ
140 x 210 mm
What Everyone Needs to Know



  • Offers an accessible yet comprehensive introduction to Yemen
  • Provides a broad-ranging overview of Yemen's history, politics, geography and society
  • Features a richly informed analysis of the current crisis in Yemen

In 2014, a tribal alliance from Yemen's northern regions seized the capital city of Sana'a and overthrew a republic that had ruled since 1962. Known as the Houthi Movement, these rebels are today vying for control, sparring with southern separatist movements and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh's political party. Indeed, Yemen--located in the southwest corner of the Arabian peninsula--has become synonymous with civil unrest, sectarian conflict, famine, and rampant disease in recent years. Yet the country has a much deeper history--one that stretches back centuries.
In Yemen: What Everyone Needs to Know®, Asher Orkaby provides a broad-ranging, historically overview of the country and its peoples that focuses in particular on the contemporary situation. He covers the countries major political figures and ethnic groups, explaining the origins of each and their impact on contemporary national politics. Throughout, he focuses on tribalism, religious dynamics, regional identities, Yemen's African and Jewish minorities, and the social impact of the Arab Spring on the country's women and youth. Orkaby also offers readers a window into Yemen's rich past: its archaeological treasures, its ancient economic prosperity, and its tribal and religious history. He also looks to Yemen's future, identifying potential avenues through which Yemen can use its promising geographic location, natural resources, and economic potential to achieve stability.


Chapter 1: Regions, Sects, and Tribes
Chapter 2: Arabia Felix - An Early History of Yemen
Chapter 3: Imperial Yemen - Ottoman and British Empires
Chapter 4: An Era of Modernization - the Formation of the Yemeni Republic
Chapter 5: Ali Abdullah Saleh's Regime, Unification, and al-Qaeda
Chapter 6: The Houthi Wars (2004-2010)
Chapter 7: Agriculture and Economy
Chapter 8: Arabian Minorities
Chapter 9: Education and Society
Chapter 10: The Arab Spring in Yemen
Chapter 11: Yemen's Modern Civil War


Asher Orkaby is Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University's Transregional Institute. He is the author of Beyond the Arab Cold War (Oxford). Over the course of the current conflict in Yemen, he has contributed regularly to Foreign AffairsThe National Interest, and many other policy publications and has commented on both English and Arabic media such as C-SPANCGTNWaqt News, and Alhurra.