Advertising: What Everyone Needs to Know®
Advertising: What Everyone Needs to Know®


  • Asserts convincingly that the end of advertising as we know it means the end of the free Internet
  • Written an academic and former advertising executive with extensive first-hand experience in the advertising world
  • Focuses on digital advertising and the uses (and abuses) of 'Big Data'
  • Awakens readers to the obscurations of advertising: the rise of native advertising and content marketing, and their consequences for modern democracies

3000. That's the number of marketing messages the average American confronts on a daily basis from TV commercials, magazine and newspaper print ads, radio commercials, pop-up ads on gaming apps, to pre-roll on YouTube videos and native advertising on mobile news apps. These commercial messages are so pervasive that we cannot help but be affected by perpetual come-ons to keeping buying. Over the last decade, advertising has become more devious, more digital, and more deceptive, with an increasing number of ads designed to appear to the untrained eye to be editorial content. It's easy to see why. As we have become smarter at avoiding ads, advertisers have become smarter about disguising them. 
Mara Einstein exposes how our shopping, political and even dating preferences are unwittingly formed by brand images and the mythologies embedded in them. Advertising: What Everyone Needs to Know® helps us combat the effects of manipulative advertising, and enables the reader to understand how marketing industries work in the digital age, particularly in their uses and abuses of Big Data. Most importantly, it awakens us to advertising's subtle and not so subtle impact on our lives-both as individuals and as a global society. What ideas and information are being communicated to us-and to what end?



Part I: Marketing versus Advertising
1. The Four Ps (Marketing Mix) -Product, price, place, promotion
2. Define advertising
3. Explain advertising versus other forms of marketing communication (sales promotions, public relations, direct marketing)
4. Types of advertising-consumer, PSA, direct response, business-to-business, etc.
Part II: The Business of Advertising

1. Economics of the advertising industry
2. Structure of advertising agencies — Media, Creative, Research, Account management/client
3. Famous Advertising Agencies and what they are known for (Example: Leo Burnett and characters such as Charlie the Tuna (Starkist), the Jolly Green Giant and the Marlboro Man)
Part III: Branding and Consumer Behavior

1. Advertising research
2. Demographics, psychographics, positioning
3. Brands/branding
4. Targetting, Segmentation, positioning, differentiation
5. Define consumer behavior
6. Influences on consumer decisions-cultural and social
7. Consumer Decision Making process (high vs. low involvement products)
8. Motives for purchase: wants vs. needs, habit, positive vs. negative motives
Part IV: Media and Media buying

1. Media types (TV, radio, online) and why they are used for different campaigns
2. Media Mix
3. Steps in Media planning
4. Companies that track media
5. Terminology: Reach, frequency, circulation, makegoods, pass along, dayparts, engagement, environment
6. Product placement and other alternative forms of media placement
Part V: Creative

1. Personnel - creative director, art director, copy writer.
2. What makes good advertising?
3. Creative process
This would be a good section for interspersing famous campaigns and their effectiveness. Examples: Mikey and Life Cereal, Marlboro Man, Old Spice, Darth Vader/Volkswagen, others.
Part VI: Advertising in the Digital Age

1. New forms of advertising (Native advertising, Content Marketing)
2. Programmatic Buying
3. Big Data
4. Surveillance and privacy
5. Social media marketing
6. Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing


Mara Einstein, Professor of Media Studies, Queens College
Mara Einstein is Professor of Media Studies at Queens College, City University of New York. She brings more than twenty-five years of marketing and advertising experience to this work. She has worked as a senior marketing executive in both broadcast (NBC) and cable (MTV Networks) television as well as at major advertising agencies working on such accounts as Miller Lite, Uncle Ben's, and Dole Foods.


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Mara Einstein
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What Everyone Needs to Know





Advertising: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Advertising: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Advertising: What Everyone Needs to Know®