Colombia: What Everyone Needs to Know®
Colombia: What Everyone Needs to Know®
  • Answers common questions about Colombia by linking historical legacies with modern realities
  • Explores the dichotomy between Colombia's economic success and the violent crimes it experiences
  • Examines why and how Colombia became the most destructively creative society in the Americas

Colombia's recent past has been characterized by what its Nobel laureate Gabriel García Marquez once called "a biblical holocaust" of human savagery. Along with the scourge of drug-related massacres facing the country, politically-motivated assassinations (averaging 30 per day in the 1990s), widespread disappearances, rapes, and kidnappings have run rampant through the country for decades. For many Colombians, the violence oft-invoked in today's immigration debate is a bleak and inescapable reality. And yet, with only eleven years of military rule during its 200 some years of independence, Colombia's democratic tradition is among the richest and longest-standing in the hemisphere. The country's economic growth rate over the last 75 years is among the highest in South America, the overall living satisfaction of its citizens is on par with citizens of France, and it is home to some of the continent's best universities and most dazzling fine and industrial arts. 
With such contradictions, even to experts, Colombia is one of the most confusing countries in the Americas. In this new addition to the popular What Everyone Needs to Know®series, Richard D. Mahoney links historical legacies, cultural features, and the relentless dynamics of the illegal drug industry to unravel the enigma. He explores the many key issues running through Colombia's history, distinguishing its national experience, and fueling its unquenchable creativity. With concerns surrounding immigration from the US's southern neighbors mounting to new heights, understanding the history and evolution of Colombia has never been more vital.


Historical Legacies
1. Conquest, Colony and Contraband
2. The Civil Wars of Liberation
3. Liberal Utopia and Conservative 'Regeneration'
4. The Era of Peace, the Coffee Revolution and the Liberal Republic.

The Modern Era
5. 'La Violencia'
6. The Cold War; Insurgency and Counterinsurgency
7. The Drug War: The Human Rights Revolution
8. Neo-Liberalism and the New Military State

Cultures of Enigma
9. Holy Mother Church
10. Citadel of Spanish
11. Land Violence
12. Race
13. Magical Culture



Richard D. Mahoney is Professor of Public and International Affairs and Director of the School of Public and International Affairs at North Carolina State University.


ISBN : 9780190262747

Richard D. Mahoney
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What Everyone Needs to Know





Colombia: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Colombia: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Colombia: What Everyone Needs to Know®