The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories
The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories


  • Includes two Nobel-prize winners: Oe and Kawabata and the acclaimed writers Tanizaki, Mishima, and Murakami
  • Captures the exoticism and appeal of Japanese culture
  • Includes many new, previously unpublished translations
  • Ted Goossen is a gifted translator, well-acquainted with the contemporary Japanese literary scene
  • Contains biographical notes on all contributors and a filmography exploring the link between fiction and cinema

This collection of short stories, including many new translations, is the first to span the whole of Japan's modern era from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day. Beginning with the first writings to assimilate and rework Western literary traditions, through the flourishing of the short story genre in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Taisho era, to the new breed of writers produced under the constraints of literary censorship, and the current writings reflecting the pitfalls and paradoxes of modern life, this anthology offers a stimulating survey of the development of the Japanese short story.

Various indigenous traditions, in addition to those drawn from the West, recur throughout the stories: stories of the self, of the Water Trade (Tokyo's nightlife of geishas and prostitutes), of social comment, love and obsession, legends and fairytales. This collection includes the work of two Nobel prize-winners: Kawabata and Oe, the talented women writers Hirabayashi, Euchi, Okamoto, and Hayashi, together with the acclaimed Tanizaki, Mishima, and Murakami.

The introduction by Theodore Goossen gives insight into these exotic and enigmatic, sometimes disturbing stories, derived from the lyrical roots of Japanese literature with its distinctive stress on atmosphere and beauty.


Sansho the Steward, Mori Ogai
The Third Night, Natsume Soseki
The Bonfire, Kunikida Doppo
Separate Ways, Higuchi Ichiyo
The Peony Garden, Nagai Kafu
Night Fires, Shiga Naoya
Aguir, Tanizaki Jun'Ichiro
Blowfish, Satomi Ton
Portrait of an Old Geisha, Okamoto Kanoko
In a Grove, Akutagawa Ryunosuke
The Bears of Nametoko, Miyazawa Kenji
Spring Riding in a Carriage, Yokomitsu Riichi
Carp, Ibuse Masuji
The Izu Dancer, Kawabata Yasunari
Lemon, Kajii Motojiro
The Accordian and the Fish Town, Hayashi Fumiko
The Flower-Eating Crone, Enchi Fumiko
Blind Chinese Soldiers, Hirabayashi Taiko
In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom, Sakaguchi Ango
Passage to Fudaraku, Inoue Yasushi
Merry Christmas, Dazai Osamu
The Expert, Nakajima Atsushi
The Rifle, Kojima Nobuo
Unzen, Endo Shusaku
The Bet, Abe Kobe
Three Policemen, Yoshiyuki Junnosuke
Onnagata, Mishima Yukio
Toddler-hunting, Kono Taeko
Mr Carp, Mukoda Kuniko
The Duel, Kaiko Takeshi
Prize Stock, Oe Kenzaburo
A Very Strange, Enchanted Boy, Tsushima Yuko
The Elephant Vanishes, Murakami Haruki
Desert Dolphin, Shimada Masahiko
Dreaming of Kimchee, Yoshimoto Banana
Biographical Notes
Publisher's Acknowledgements


Edited by Theodore W. Goossen, University of York, Ontario
Mori Ogai
Natsume Soseki
Kunikida Doppo
Higuchi Ichiyo
Nagai Kafu
Shiga Naoya
Satomi Ton
Okamoto Kanoko
Akutagawa Ryunosuke
Miyazawa Kenji
Yokomitsu Riichi
Ibuse Masuji
Kawabata Yasunari
Kajii Motojiro
Hayashi Fumiko
Enchi Fumiko
Hirabayashi Taiko
Sakaguchi Ango
Inoue Yasushi
Dazai Osamu
Nakajima Atsushi
Kojima Nobuo
Endo Shusaku
Abe Kobe
Yoshiyuki Junnosuke
Mishima Yukio
Kono Taeko
Mukoda Kuniko
Kaiko Takeshi
Oe Kenzaburo
Tsushima Yuko
Murakami Haruki
Shimada Masahiko
Yoshimoto Banana


ISBN : 9780199583195

Theodore W. Goossen
496 ページ
130 x 195 mm
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The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories

The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories

The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories