The World from 1450 to 1700

ISBN : 9780195337976

John E. Willis Jr.
192 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Oct 2009
New Oxford World History
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  • Written by a senior world historian, a China specialist who is a master narrative writer
  • A true world history perspective on the formation of the early modern world

In The World from 1450 to 1700, historian John Wills takes a fresh look at one of the most fascinating and tumultuous periods in world history. Assuming a global perspective, rather than the traditional Eurocentric view, Wills traces the interwoven changes that led from the world of Columbus, Luther, and the Mughal emperor Babur to the world of Locke, Louis XIV, and the Kangxi emperor. The book's multi-centered approach explores historical events not in isolation but rather in a dynamic nexus of connections ranging from the Italian Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation to the Sikh, Hindu, and Confucian revivals; from the transformation of Japan in 1600 to the forced migrations of millions of African slaves; from the English Civil War and expanding Qing and Muscovite empires in Asia to new forms of scientific knowledge and parliamentary democracy in Europe. It is an interlocking world of change and movement, innovation and conquest, and Wills marshals his extraordinary narrative skill and breadth of learning to bring this period vibrantly to life.


Prologue: Texas and the World
1. Islam and Its Others, 1450-1490
2. The Columbian Exchange, 1490-1530
3. Old Ways Made New, 1530-1570
4. New Shapes of Power, 1570-1610
5. Settlers and Slaves, 1610-1640
6. Time of Troubles, 1640-1670
7. Toward an Early Modern World, 1670-170

About the author: 

John Wills is Professor of History Emeritus, University of Southern California, and the author of Pepper, Guns, and Parleys: The Dutch East India Company and China, 1662-1681; Embassies and Illusions: Dutch and Portuguese Envoys to K'ang-hsi, 1666-1687; Mountain of Fame: Portraits in Chinese History; and 1688: A Global History.

"As a text for the classroom, Wills' work has several merits. The prose is lively and direct, and is written by one who is fully in command of his multiple and interweaving stories."--World History Bulletin

"The prose is lively, and Wills includes many stories of ordinary people, making this a good choice for undergraduate courses or general readers interested in gaining insight into the new world history. Recommended."--CHOICE

"A riveting story...[A] fascinating book, and it is definitely recommended for teaching world history."--Journal of Asian Studies

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