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The Ethics of Sport: What Everyone Needs to Know®
The Ethics of Sport: What Everyone Needs to Know®
  • Covers broad range of topics in sports ethics
  • Presents a balanced view of different sides to both abstract and more concrete issues
  • Examines the use of performance enhancing drugs and the evaluation of Title IX

 We encourage children to play sports from an early age in order to instill in them such virtues as teamwork, perseverance, respect, fairness, and discipline, but, as perennial scandals in the headlines show us, sports also give rise to thorny ethical problems. Can the ugly, corrupt side of sports counteract their potential to deepen our moral lives and make a positive impact? 
This accessible book tackles a wide-ranging array of topics that arise in ethics of sport on every level, from amateur to professional, and from the general to the specific. 
Ethics of sport expert Robert Simon examines provocative, thorny questions throughout the book: Why do we care so much about sports? Do sports embody special values that social function views fail to grasp? Are such values good or bad? What counts as overemphasizing winning? Should winning be important in youth sports? What makes cheating in sports ethically objectionable? Is trash-talking cheating? How have performance enhancing drugs affected sport? Can we distinguish them from other advances that enhance performance, such as technological improvements in equipment? Should contact sports be modified to protect the health of athletes? Do organized athletics belong in schools? Don't athletic programs undermine academics in secondary and college education? Would it be better to separate sports and education, so schools focus on academics? Do sports undermine or reinforce gender equity? Why do so many elite athletes misbehave? How have professional sports affected minority groups and the underprivileged? Is money ruining elite sport? 
Simon's short exploration of the ethics of sports, which unfolds in this series' distinctive question-and-answer format, will interest sports enthusiasts, those who seek to understand the ethical controversies in sport even from an outsider's perspective, and students of applied ethics who need a primer on sports ethics in particular.


Chapter One: The Moral Significance of Sport
Chapter Two: Winning, Cheating, and the Ethics of Competition
Chapter Three: Health, Safety, and Violence in Competitive Sport
Chapter Four: Enhancement, Technology, and Fairness in Competitive Sport
Chapter Five: Competitive Sport: Education or Mis-Education?
Chapter Six: Sports, Equity, and Society
Chapter Seven: Concluding Comment: The Two Sides of the Force or are Sports so Great After All?
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About the author: 

Robert L. Simon is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Hamilton College. He has written widely on ethical issues is sports as well as on topics in political and social philosophy. He is a past president of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport and a recipient of its Distinguished Scholar award. He also was head golf coach for 14 years at Hamilton College and his teams participated in national championships.

Robert Simon's The Ethics of Sport raises serious questions about honesty, fairness, expectations of excellence, the value of competition, and the role of sports in contemporary society. Simon treats these issues and many more in a manner that is carefully balanced and illuminating of issues far beyond sports themselves." --Leslie P. Francis, Distinguished Professor of Law and Philosophy, Alfred C. Emery Professor of Law, and Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development in the College of Law, University of Utah

"An easy-to-read analysis of ethics by one of the world's most highly respected sport philosophers. Simon employs a question-and-answer, conversational format, one that is peppered with interesting anecdotes. A must read for anyone interested in sport ethics. An important book that plumbs the depths of complex sport ethics questions and relates answers to everyday concerns about values, justice, and fair play. Simon puts to rest, once and for all, any claims that sport is a trivial or otherwise uninteresting phenomenon." --Scott Kretchmar, The Pennsylvania State University

"As someone who often has to figure out what's right and wrong in sports, it's comforting to have a bible to offer me guidance. That good book - great book, really - is Bob Simon's The Ethics of Sport: What Everyone Needs to Know. Whether he's addressing the issues involved in the body politic of athletics, or the human body itself, Professor Simon conducts the class that every sports fan, executive and athlete should audit." --Steve Wulf, Senior Writer, ESPN

"The fact that simon is able to draw some examples from his own experience coaching an NCAA Division III golf team lends the discussion a sense of authenticity that will win Simon credibility with readers. [He] is judicious and fair-minded in his presentation of a range of conflicting views." - Journal of the Philosophy of Sport

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ISBN : 9780190270193

Robert L. Simon
264 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Nov 2016
What Everyone Needs to Know
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The Ethics of Sport: What Everyone Needs to Know®

The Ethics of Sport: What Everyone Needs to Know®

The Ethics of Sport: What Everyone Needs to Know®