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Addiction: What Everyone Needs To Know®
Addiction: What Everyone Needs To Know®
  • Addresses essential questions and controversies about addiction in an accessible and effective question-and-answer format
  • Shows what sensible, evidence-based policies might look like to address addiction and the rising overdose deaths
  • Researched and written by a leading expert and award-winning book author in the science and treatment of addiction (and mental illness)

While historically a topic of great interest, controversies and general public discourse surrounding addiction have been growing rapidly, particularly in light of the rising death toll resulting from the opioid epidemic. Debates are heating up over issues of opioid prescribing practices, legalization of marijuana, the potential for substances such as marijuana to be truly "addictive," the use of medication to treat individuals with addiction, and much more. In light of the common misconception that addictive behaviors are entirely volitional, misinformation and stigma have had a deleterious impact on the public's understanding concerning the nature, causes, and treatments of substance use disorders. Despite decades of research and tens of thousands of published and peer-reviewed investigations, critics continue to ask whether addiction is a genuine medical condition or a choice.
In Addiction: What Everyone Needs to Know®, leading expert in the science and treatment of addiction Suzette Glasner aims to clear the air of some of the most polarizing and misleading information that dominates public thinking about addiction. Providing straight talk and sound guidelines for the general public as well as health professionals and policymakers, Glasner raises important questions related to addiction and answers them in an accessible yet empirically informed manner throughout the book. Offering an insightful overview of addiction from its origins, to forms of treatment and complications, this book will be the go-to resource for authoritative, up-to-date, accurate, and compelling information about this topic.



Part 1: What Does Addiction Look Like?
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Understanding Addiction and Recovery
Chapter 3: Common Questions about Alcohol and Drugs
Part 2: There Is Real Hope: Treatments That Work
Chapter 4: Psychotherapy for Addiction
Chapter 5: Medications for Addiction
Part 3: Addiction and Recovery Long-Term: The Prognosis Can Be Great
Chapter 6: Life beyond Addiction
Resources for People with Addiction

About the author: 

Suzette Glasner, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles

Suzette Glasner, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles, as well as a licensed clinical psychologist and a principal investigator at the UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and completed her post-doctoral education at University of California at San Diego and the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System. She is the author of The Addiction Recovery Skills Workbook (2015), and her psychotherapy practice includes adults, couples, and families, and draws on the most well-studied therapy techniques for a range of conditions.

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ISBN : 9780190946548

Suzette Glasner
424 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Jul 2024
What Everyone Needs to Know
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Addiction: What Everyone Needs To Know®

Addiction: What Everyone Needs To Know®

Addiction: What Everyone Needs To Know®