The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199658237

Bas Aarts; Sylvia Chalker; Edmund Weiner
464 Pages
129 x 196 mm
Pub date
Jan 2014
Oxford Quick Reference
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  • Over 1,600 clearly written and accessible A-Z entries, fully revised and updated, covering current grammatical terminology
  • Gives guidance on terminology that is used in different ways in competing frameworks
  • Entries make frequent use of illustrative example sentences
  • Provides citations from important scholarly texts in the field where appropriate
  • Entries on related fields of study, such as corpus linguistics, lexicology, semantics, stylistics, and theoretical frameworks
  • Fully refreshed list of cited works, bringing the title up to speed with the current literature
  • A descriptive, but not prescriptive, grammar aid

New to this Edition:

  • Over 150 new entries covering more recent terminology, e.g. catenative-auxiliary analysiscontroldeterminer phrasefuturatemonostratal, and neoclassical compound
  • Short entries on the most important English grammars published since the start of the 20th century
  • Hundreds of new cross-references increasing the dictionary's accessibility
  • Fully revised and updated list of references and a short web link appendix added

The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar is a straightforward and accessible A-Z guide to the diverse and often complex terminology of English grammar. It contains over 1,600 entries with clear and concise definitions, enhanced by numerous example sentences, as well as relevant quotations from the scholarly literature of the field.

This second edition is written and edited by Professor Bas Aarts of University College London, writer of the acclaimed Oxford Modern English Grammar. It has been fully revised and updated, with particular attention paid to refreshing the example sentences included within the text. There are over 150 new entries that cover current terminology which has arisen since the publication of the first edition, and there are also new entries on the most important English grammars published since the start of the 20th century. Hundreds of new cross-references enhance the user-friendly nature of the text, and the list of works cited has been thoroughly updated to reflect the current state of the field. A short appendix of web links has been added.

All in all, this Dictionary is an invaluable guide to English grammar for all students and teachers of the subject, as well as all those with an informed interest in the English language.

About the author: 

Bas Aarts, Professor of English Linguistics and Director of the Survey of English Usage, University College London, Sylvia Chalker, and Edmund Weiner, Deputy Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press
Bas Aarts is Professor of English Linguistics at University College London. He has published many books and articles on English grammar, most recently the Oxford Modern English Grammar.

The late Sylvia Chalker was the author of several grammar books, including Current English Grammar and The Little Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar. She was also a contributor to The Oxford Companion to the English Language.

Edmund Weiner is Deputy Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary and co-author (with Andrew Delahunty) of the Oxford Guide to English Usage.

An in-depth explanation of grammatical terms for writers, those who teach writing and grammar, or who love words and their combinations. This is a world of information in an inexpensive package. - Library Journal

In this second edition, Bas Aarts, as a leading academic grammarian, has added his authority to an already highly-respected vade mecum to English grammar. The comprehensive up-to-date coverage of the book brings a balanced in-depth treatment of the variant grammatical terminologies that can be so confusing. This makes it an indispensable reference guide for students, teachers, academics and anyone challenged or fascinated by the world of English grammar. - Professor Geoffrey Leech, Lancaster University

Review from previous edition grammar as the total system of the language ... well defined and well illustrated with quotations from grammarians ancient and modern." - Times Literary Supplement

This is an excellent, scholarly work, yet outstandingly practical and genuinely accessible by any reader seeking better to understand existing grammar texts. - Reference Reviews

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