Professional and Therapeutic Communication

Melanie Birks; Ysanne Chapman; Jenny Davis
Pub date
Dec 2015
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Professional and Therapeutic Communication focuses on the professional approaches to communication and the therapeutic elements of the caring relationship. It provides a contemporary and practical approach to fundamental concepts, with an emphasis on creating learning-centred working environments, through which students may explore the variety of situations in which communication with patients, relatives and colleagues occur in the clinical environment. The text is structured to give consideration to a lifespan focus, with attention to communication through verbal, non-verbal and written means. Special attention is given to the unique advantages and challenges that accompany the growth of communication through electronic systems.


Part 1: Communicating professionally and therapeutically
1. The unique nature of the health care environment
2. What is communication?
3. Culture and Communication
4. Communication across the lifespan
Part 2: Professional and therapeutic communication in context
5. Interprofessional communication
6. Communicating within the organisation
7. Communicating with the community
Part 3: Ethical and Supportive Communication
8. Safety and quality in communication 9. Confidentiality, privacy and communication
10. Advocacy and the professional role
11. Managing conflict
Part 4: Communication literacy
12. Education and health literacy
13. Academic writing and communication skills
14. Working with electronic forms of communication

About the author: 

Professor Melanie Birks, RN, PhD, BN, Med is Head of Nursing, Midwifery and Nutrition, School of Nursing and Midwifery, JCU Townsville; Professor Ysanne Chapman RN, PhD, MSc (Hons), BEd (Nsg), GDE, DNE, DRM is Adjunct Professor, James Cook University; Ms Jenny Davis, RN, RM, MMid, BApp Sci (Nsg), BHIM (Hons), GDip Crit Care, GDip Periop, GCert HEd, CertIV T&A, is Project Manager, Innovation, Policy and Research, Benetas Support Office

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