Complete Public Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (4th edition)

Lisa Webley; Harriet Samuels
Pub date
Aug 2018
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Titles in the Complete series offer students a carefully blended combination of the subject's concepts, cases, and commentary. A combination which encourages critical thinking, stimulates analysis, and promotes a complete understanding.


Part I: Introduction and Constitutional Principles
1 What is public law?
2 Constitutional organisations, institutions, and roles
3 The nature of the British constitution
4 The rule of law
5 The separation of powers
6 The Crown and royal prerogative
Part II: Parliamentary Supremacy
7 Parliamentary supremacy: the theory
8 Membership of the European Union
9 Human rights
10 Devolution
Part III: Responsible Government
11 Executive power and accountability
12 The role of constitutional conventions
13 The Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration
Part IV: Judicial Review
14 The role of the courts, judicial review, and human rights
15 The parties to a judicial review: who can make a claim for judicial review and against whom can a claim of judicial review be made?
16 Illegality
17 Irrationality and proportionality
18 Procedural impropriety
19 Remedies
20 A case study: human rights, terrorism, and public law principles
21 Judicial review: putting it all together in problem answers

About the author: 

Harriet Samuels

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