Strategic Advertising Management (5th Revised edition)

Larry Percy; Richard Rosenbaum-Elliott
Pub date
Apr 2016
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Strategic Advertising Management provides the firm foundation you need to understand the effective strategic planning of advertising and other marketing communications. Renowned experts in the field, the authors draw on their extensive experience to present the essential principles of communication that demonstrate how advertising works. Using real world examples and case studies from a variety of international brands and companies, such as Samsung, McDonalds and Disney, the authors have created a resource that clearly illustrates how theory is put in to practice, and how strategic advertising operates in a global economy. The new edition features more coverage of social media, viral, and online advertising throughout, and a dedicated chapter on 'Digital Media,' ensuring that the book continues to offer students the most complete guide to the rapidly evolving landscape of the advertising industry. Online Resource Centre For Students: Flashcard glossary Additional questions Further reading updates Web links Video links to adverts exemplifying strategies discussed in the book, short films from advertising companies and relevant documentaries For Lecturers: Suggested IPA case histories Suggested classroom exercises PowerPoint slides


Part One: overview of Advertising and Promotion
1 What are Advertising and Promotion?
2 Perspectives on Advertising
3 Advertising across Cultural Borders
Part Two: Planning Considerations
4 What it Takes for Successful Advertising and Promotion
5 The Strategic Planning Process
Part Three: Developing the Strategic Plan
6 Selecting the Target Audience
7 Understanding Target Audience Decision Making
8 Determining the Best Positioning
9 Developing a Communication Strategy
10 Media Strategy
11 Digital Media
Part Four: Making it Work
12 Processing the Message
13 Creative Tactics
14 Creative Execution
Part Five: Integrating Advertising and Promotion
15 Sales Promotion and Broader Communication Mix
16 Putting it All Together

About the author: 

Larry Percy has worked in both the 'real world' of advertising and marketing as well as in the academic world. He is currently a consultant in marketing and communication. In addition to his consulting, Dr. Percy holds an appointment as Professor of Marketing at the Copenhagen Business School. Over the years, he has taught in a number of graduate programs at top U.S. and European business schools, including the University of Pittsburgh's Katz Graduate School of Business, the University of Oxford, Luiss Business School in Rome, and the Stockholm School of Economics. ; Professor Richard Elliott is Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Consumer Research at the University of Bath

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