Learning Legal Rules: A Students' Guide to Legal Method and Reasoning (9th edition)

James Holland; Julian Webb
Pub date
Mar 2016
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Written by leading authors with extensive experience in both teaching and practice, this established and trusted title equips the student with all the techniques of legal research, analysis, and argument they will need for their law course and beyond. The 9th edition has been fully updated to include recent debates such as the future of the Human Rights Act in the UK; it also continues to provide dedicated coverage on complex areas such as the operation of precedent, effective statutory interpretation, and European legal method. Holland & Webb take an engaging and practical approach with examples and exercises throughout which allow students to develop their knowledge and their reasoning skills making this an ideal text for first year students. Learning Legal Rules is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, complete with a test bank of 200 multiple choice questions for use by lecturers, and self-test questions for students.


1 Understanding the law
2 Finding the law
3 Reading the law
4 From reading to writing
5 Law, fact, and language
6 The doctrine of judicial precedent
7 How precedent operates: ratio decidendi and obiter dictum
8 Making sense of statutes
9 Interpreting statutes
10 'Bringing rights home': legal method and convention rights
11 European legal method
12 Exploiting legal reasoning

About the author: 

James Holland is a Barrister and Professor Emeritus at Bristol Law School, the University of the West of England.; Julian Webb is Professor of Law at Melbourne Law School. He is former Director of the UK Centre for Legal Education and led the research phase of the Legal Education and Training Review.

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