What Everyone Needs to Know

What Everyone Needs to Know

The What Everyone Needs to Know® (WENTK) series offers a balanced and authoritative primer on complex current event issues and countries. Popular topics include International Politics, Environmental Policies, World History, Sciences & Math, and Religion & Spirituality. Written by leading authorities in their given fields, in a concise question-and-answer format, the books provide inquiring minds with the essential knowledge needed to engage with the issues that matter today.


Are Antibiotics Good or Bad?

Antibiotics are considered the true miracle of modern medicine and have been used to treat infectious diseases in humans, plants and livestock. However, their improper and excessive use in the last century has provided an evolutionary drive for bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics.

In the newly published Antibiotics: What Everyone Needs to Know ®, Mary Wilson, a renowned expert in global health and infectious diseases, provides a rigorous overview of antibiotics. In a question-and-answer format, Wilson deftly navigates the reader through this complex topic examining a wide range or areas including their discovery and function, use and the looming crisis caused by antimicrobial resistance.

In Erin Blakemore’s review for The Washington Post entitled ‘Confused or worried about antibiotics? This Harvard infectious disease expert has some answers’, Blakemore describes the book as ‘like a mega-FAQ about all things antibiotic’ that is ‘ideal for quick reference or a longer read’, and praises how Wilson ‘breaks down the science, the social aspects and future fears without scaremongering’

June 27, 2019


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