Oxford Essential Arabic Dictionary

ISBN : 9780199561155

Oxford Dictionaries
416 ページ
110 x 176 mm
  • Compact and handy dictionary of modern Arabic-English and English-Arabic designed for business, travel, or home
  • More than 16,000 words and phrases covering all essential vocabulary for both languages
  • Phonetic transcriptions provided for English headwords; vowels included in Arabic headwords to make pronunciation easier
  • Arabic headwords listed alphabetically, not by root, for easier lookup
  • Extra sections on English irregular verbs, Arabic verbs, and numbers
  • Thumb-tabs for all letters in English and in Arabic

The Oxford Essential Arabic Dictionary is a brand-new compact Arabic-English and English-Arabic dictionary that offers up-to-date coverage of essential day-to-day vocabulary and includes more than 16,000 words and phrases, carefully selected according to frequency of use. Portable and easy to use, this dictionary is designed for both English and Arabic speakers and is ideal for business, travel, and quick reference. 

For Arabic and English speakers there are many user-friendly features. For Modern Standard Arabic, vowels are included in the headwords to help with pronunciation, and headwords are ordered alphabetically rather than by the more traditional root order. For English, phonetic transcriptions are given for every headword. In both sides of the dictionary there is clear help for words that have more than one meaning. There is also a supplement giving extra help for tricky areas such as English irregular verbs, Arabic verb forms, and Arabic numbers

Presented with a brilliantly clear and open design, the Oxford Essential Arabic Dictionary is the ideal companion for anyone needing a reliable and portable Arabic-English and English-Arabic Dictionary for business, travel, and home.

"This is an attractive book that gives essential, accurate, speedy help to beginners and is reader-friendly." - Prof. M. A. S. Abdel Haleem

"very useful for study, work, or travel." - Islamic Horizons magazine