How Scientists Communicate: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Knowledge

ISBN : 9780190936600

Alan Kelly
224 ページ
156 x 235 mm

The transmission of information transcends time. Since the beginning of humanity, people have shared stories, dreams, wishes, and findings. Within a scientific context, the delivery of information is especially important. Researchers have been sharing their ideas and building on the work of others for as long as we have studied our world. How can a researcher ensure their ideas will be shared most effectively with the next generation, though? In How Scientists Communicate, Alan Kelly accompanies readers through the many processes of scholarly communication within the field of science. The chapters include an analysis of modern scientific communication, an overview of the historical development of such communication, the nature and goals of a scientific research paper, as well as practical and applicable information for researchers. He explores scientific communication from various perspectives, including the writing process, stages of writing, evaluation through peer review, publication, and what happens afterwards. This exploration into scientific writing emphasizes the importance of readability and writing for the intended audience. Kelly engages with landmark historical papers, but he doesn't shy away from his own experiences and opinions. This treatise on the art of scientific communication is interesting for readers with various levels of experience, making this book a go-to resource for anyone trying to share their ideas within the scientific community, or interested in how the outputs of science impact our world.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The History and Future of Scientific Communication
Chapter 3: What Does a Scientific Paper Say?
Chapter 4: The Scientific Voice
Chapter 5: The Perils of Peer Review
Chapter 6: What Happens After Publication? Tracking the Impact of Papers
Chapter 7: Ethics and Integrity in Scientific Communication
Chapter 8: Conferences and Presentations
Chapter 9: Expanding the Comfort Zone: Communicating with Nonspecialist Audiences
Chapter 10: Communication Across a Career in Science
Chapter 11: Some Final Thoughts
Bibliography and Notes


Alan Kelly is Professor of School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at University College Cork in Ireland. He is the author of Molecules, Microbes, and Meals (Oxford University Press, 2019).