The History of Life: A Very Short Introduction [#193]
The History of Life: A Very Short Introduction [#193]

太陽系に地球が誕生したのが46億年前、地球上に最初の生命が誕生したのが40億年前といわれています。進化生物学、地球化学、古生物学、分類学などの知見を盛り込み、生命の起源から、今日地球上に存在する種の並外れた多様性に至るまで、生命の物語の主なエピソードを簡潔にご紹介します。(cf. Origin of Life: What Everyone Needs to Know)

  • Each chapter describes a major step in the history of life - the breakthroughs that made new forms of life possible
  • Explores the origins of sex, the first multicellular creatures, explains how hard skeletons evolved, why animals moved to land, and how the first forests were born
  • Presents a completely up-to-date picture of the earliest origins of life, exploring new concepts such as the 'RNA world' and the Last Universal Common Ancestor
  • Takes an interdisciplinary view - introducing new ideas from many areas including evolutionary biology, earth history, geochemistry, palaeontology, systematics, and astrobiology
  • Covers life on land, and in the sea and air, and looks at animals and plants from algae and insects to dinosaurs and mammals
  • Includes the latest perspectives on human evolution

There are few stories more remarkable than the evolution of life on earth. This Very Short Introduction presents a succinct guide to the key episodes in that story - from the very origins of life four million years ago to the extraordinary diversity of species around the globe today. 
Beginning with an explanation of the controversies surrounding the birth of life itself, each following chapter tells of a major breakthrough that made new forms of life possible: including sex and multicellularity, hard skeletons, and the move to land. Along the way, we witness the greatest mass extinction, the first forests, the rise of modern ecosystems, and, most recently, conscious humans. 
Introducing ideas from a range of scientific disciplines, from evolutionary biology and earth history, to geochemistry, palaeontology, and systematics, Michael Benton explains how modern science pieces the evidence in this vast evolutionary puzzle together, to build up an accessible and up-to-date picture of the key developments in the history of life on earth.


1: Introduction
2: The origin of life
3: The origin of sex
4: The origin of skeletons
5: The origin of life on land
6: Forests and flight
7: The biggest mass extinction
8: The origin of modern ecosystems
9: The origin of humans
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Professor Michael J. Benton is Head of the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol. He has written some fifty books, ranging from children's dinosaur and palaeontology books to standard textbooks in palaeontology and vertebrate palaeontology (such as Vertebrate Palaeontology, 3rd edition, Blackwell, 2005). He is also author of some 200 scientific papers and numerous popular articles and reviews.


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Michael J. Benton
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The History of Life: A Very Short Introduction [#193]

The History of Life: A Very Short Introduction [#193]

The History of Life: A Very Short Introduction [#193]