The Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology (3-volume set)
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology (3-volume set)

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology (3-volume set)

Rochelle Lieber
  • With its 120 articles by leading international experts, this resource exceeds previous collections for breadth and depth of scope
  • Offers a readable, authoritative, and wide-ranging examination of all aspects of morphology, as well as its relationship with other linguistic subfields, from syntax, semantics, and phonology to typology, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics
  • Articles are published both in print and online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics, an evolving reference resource

The field of morphology has gained expanded importance in contemporary linguistics with the realization that it can no longer be narrowly construed as the study of the means by which complex words are formed. Rather, the study of morphology must be situated in the context of our understanding of the mental lexicon as a whole. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology offers a sweeping introduction to the field, showing that morphology is not only an active area of study in its own right, but also a critical link between different subfields of linguistics.
Led by Editor in Chief Rochelle Lieber and an editorial board of international experts, this collection includes 115 wide-ranging and in-depth articles, encompassing all aspects of morphology, such as morphological units, inflection, derivation, compounding, and formal morphological means. Contributors at the forefront of the field discuss the major theoretical debates and methodological approaches, exploring the interface between morphology and phonology, syntax, and semantics, along with psycholinguistic, neurolinguistics, and sociolinguistic issues. The final section of the encyclopedia presents illustrative sketches of the morphological systems of a wide range of language families, from Arawak and Dravidian to Sino-Tibetan and Indo-European, offering a wide range of cross-linguistic data that will be useful to both researchers and teachers.


Preface (Rochelle Lieber)
Morphological Units
Morphological Entities: Overview and General Issues (Laurie Bauer)
The Status of the Morpheme (Thomas Leu)
Morphological Units: Stems (Paul Kiparsky)
Morphological Units: Words (Paolo Ramat)
Inflectional Morphology (Gregory Stump)
Person in Morphology (Michael Daniel)
Number in Language (Paolo Acquiviva)
Gender (Jenny Audring)
Case (Andrej L. Malchukov)
Tense and Aspect in Morphology (Marianne Mithun)
Mirativity in Morphology (Tyler Peterson)
Switch Reference in Morphology (Rik van Gijn)
Paradigms in Morphology (Peter Milin and James P. Blevins)
Syncretism in Morphology (Pavel Caha)
Defectiveness in Morphology (Antonio Fabregas)
Suppletion (Ljuba N. Veselinova)
Deponency in Morphology (Laura Grestenberger)
Overabundance in Morphology (Anna M. Thornton)
Agreement in Morphology (Patricia Cabredo Hofherr)
Derivational Morphology (Rochelle Lieber)
Nominalization: General Overview and Theoretical Issues (Rochelle Lieber)
Event/Result in Morphology (Artemis Alexiadou)
Personal/Participant/Inhabitant in Morphology (Marios Andreou)
Collective/Abstract in Morphology (Livio Gaeta)
Causative/Inchoative in Morphology (Mercedes Tubino-Blanco)
Denominal Verbs in Morphology (Heike Baeskow)
Adjectivalization in Morphology (Petra Sleeman)
Functional Categories: Complementizers and Adpositions (Lena Baunaz)
Form and Meaning of (Indefinite) Pronouns (Olaf Koeneman, Hedde Zeilstra)
Evaluatives in Morphology (Nicola Grandi)
Negation in Morphology (Karen De Clercq)
Quantitative Derivation in Morphology (Gianina Iord?chioaia)
Numerals in Morphology (Ljuba N. Veselinova)
Compounding in Morphology (Pius ten Hacken)
Subordinate and Synthetic Compounds in Morphology (Chiara Melloni)
Coordination in compounds (Angela Ralli)
Exocentricity in Morphology (Maria Irene Moyna)
Formal Morphological Means
Parasynthesis in Morphology (Claudio Iacobini)
Conversion in Morphology (Sandor Martsa)
Phonological and Morphological Aspects of Reduplication (Suzanne Urbanczyk)
Templatic Morphology (Clippings, Word-and-Pattern) (Outi Bat-El)
Internal Stem Change (Apophony, Consonant Mutation) in Morphology (Thomas Stewart)
Combining Forms and Affixoids in Morphology (Dany Amiot, Edwige Dugas)
Blending in Morphology (Natalia Beliaeva)
Linking Elements in Morphology (Renata Szczepaniak)
Subtraction in Morphology (Stela Manova)
Morphological Frameworks
American Descriptivist Morphology in the 1950s (John Goldsmith)
Classical Generative Morphology (Pius ten Hacken)
Natural Morphology (Wolfgang U. Dressler)
Distributed Morphology (Jonathan David Bobaljik)
Construction Morphology (Geert Booij)
Lexical Semantic Framework for Morphology (Marios Andreou)
Paradigm Function Morphology: Assumptions and Innovations (Gregory Stump)
The Onomasiological Approach (Jesus Fernandez-Dominguez)
Morphology in Cognitive Linguistics (Tore Nesset)
Network Morphology (Andrew Hippisley)
Theoretical Debates
The Status of Heads in Morphology (Beata Moskal and Peter W. Smith)
Categorization of Roots (Terje Lohndal)
Lexical Integrity in Morphology (Ignacio Bosque)
Exoskeletal Versus Endoskeletal Approaches in Morphology (Victor Acedo-Matellan)
Blocking (Franz Rainer)
The Nature of Productivity (including Word Formation Versus Creative Coining). (Andrew Spencer)
Bracketing Paradoxes in Morphology (Heather Newell)
Zero Morphemes (Eystein Dahl, Antonio Fabregas)
The Nature of Subtractive Processes in Morphology (Kazutaka Kurisu)
Psycholinguistic Issues
Psycholinguistic Approaches to Morphology: Production (Benjamin Tucker)
Psycholinguistic Approaches to Morphology (Christina L. Gagne)
Words Versus Rules (Storage Versus Online Production/Processing) in Morphology (Vsevolod Kapatsinski)
Issues in Neurolinguistic Studies of Morphology (Robert Fiorentino)
First Language Acquisition of Morphology (Dorit Ravid)
Learning and Using Morphology and Morphosyntax in a Second Language (Laurie Beth Feldman, Judith F. Kroll)
Methodology and Resources in Morphology
Psycholinguistic Methods and Tasks in Morphology (Victor Kuperman and Daniel Schmidke)
Neurolinguistic Approaches in Morphology (Niels O. Schiller)
Computational Approaches to Morphology (Emmanuel Keuleers)
Quantitative Methods in Morphology: Corpora and Other 'Big Data' Approaches (Marco Marelli)
Morphology and Language Documentation (Yuni Kim)
The Morphology-Syntax Interface
Argument Structure and Morphology (Jim Wood, Neil Myler)
Parts of Speech, Lexical Categories, and Word Classes in Morphology (Jaklin Kornfilt)
Morphology and Argument Alternations (Malka Rappaport Hovav)
Clitics and Clitic Clusters in Morphology (Eulalia Bonet)
Head Movement and Morphological Strength (Jan-Wouter Zwart)
Morphology and Pro Drop (Olaf Koeneman, Hedde Zeijlstra)
Multi-Word Expressions and Morphology (Francesca Masini)
The Morphology-Phonetics/Phonology Interface
Morphology and Phonotactics (Maria Gouskova)
Morphology and Metrical Structure (Birgit Alber and Sabine Arndt-Lappe)
Morphology and Tone (Irina Monich)
The Phonology of Compounds (Irene Vogel)
Phonetic Detail and Gradience in Morphophonological Alternations (Patrycja Strycharczuk)
The Morphology-Semantics Interface
Polysemy Versus Homonymy (Salvador Valera)
Morphology and Lexical Semantics (Reka Benczes)
Lexicalization in Morphology (Martin Hilpert)
Diachronic Aspects of Morphology
Morphological Change (Carola Trips)
Grammaticalization in Morphology (Muriel Norde)
Morphology and Language Attrition (Silvina Montrul, James Yoon)
Analogy in Morphology (Daniel Fertig)
Morphology in the Languages of the World
Morphology in Typology: Historical Retrospect, State of the Art, and Prospects (Peter M. Arkadiev)
Lexical Typology in Morphology (Ljuba N. Veselinova, Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm)
Head-Dependent Marking (Johanna Nichols, Yury Lander)
Morphology in Altaic Languages (Asl? Goksel)
Morphology in Arawak Languages (Alexandra Aikhenvald)
Morphology in Austronesian Languages (Maria Polinsky, Theodore Levin)
Morphology in Dravidian Languages (R. Amritavalli)
Morphology in Kra-Dai Languages (Yongxian Luo)
Morphology in Sino-Tibetan Languages (Giorgio Francesco Arcodia, Bianca Basciano)
A Typological Perspective on the Morphology of Nilo-Saharan Languages (Gerrit Jan Dimmendaal)
Morphology in Austroasiatic Languages (Mark J. Alves)
Morphology in Northwest Caucasian Languages (Yury Lander)
Morphology in Quechuan Languages (Willem F.H. Adelaar)
Morphology in Dene-Yeniseian Languages (Edward Vajda)
Morphology in Australian Languages (Brett Baker)
Morphology in Niger-Congo Languages (Denis Creissels)
Morphology in Uralic Languages (Anna S?res, Krisztina Hever-Joly)
Morphology in Trans-New Guinean Languages (Sebastian Fedden)
Morphology in Indo-European Languages (Paolo Milizia)
Morphology in Japonic Languages (Taro Kageyama)
The Morphology of Yam Languages (Matthew J. Carroll)


Edited by Rochelle Lieber, University of New Hampshire
Rochelle Lieber is a theoretical linguist specializing in morphology, the mental lexicon, and the structure of English. She has taught in the University of New Hampshire's English Department since 1981. She has been the recipient of a UNH Teaching Excellence Award (1990), the Lindberg Award for the outstanding scholar/teacher in the College of Liberal Arts (2013), and the Linguistic Society of America's Bloomfield Award for best book in Linguistics (2014) for the Oxford Reference Guide to English Morphology (co-authored with L. Bauer and I. Plag). Her books include English Nouns: The Ecology of Nominalization (2015) and Introducing Morphology (2015).

Jenny Audring
Franz Rainer
Paolo Acquaviva
Christina L. Gagne
Pius ten Hacken
Rochelle Lieber
Ljuba N. Veselinova
Geert Booij
Nicola Grandi
Marios Andreou
Jonathan David Bobaljik
Suzanne Urbanczyk
Andrej L. Malchukov
Carola Trips
Gregory Stump
Sandor Martsa
Anna S?res
Krisztina Hever-Joly
Victor Acedo-Matellan
Antonio Fabregas
Emmanuel Keuleers
Andrew Spencer
Vsevolod Kapatsinski
Maria Gouskova
Antonio Fabregas
Eystein Dahl
Jesus Fernandez-Dominguez
Wolfgang U. Dressler
Matthew J. Carroll
Laurie Bauer
Rochelle Lieber
Natalia Beliaeva
Paolo Ramat
Dominiek Sandra
Eulalia Bonet
Artemis Alexiadou
Michael Daniel
Rik van Gijn
Martin Hilpert
Lena Baunaz
Tore Nesset
Anna M. Thornton
Gianina Iord?chioaia
Heather Newell
Marios Andreou
Beata Moskal
Peter W. Smith
Heike Baeskow
Angela Ralli
John Goldsmith
Robert Fiorentino
Denis Creissels
Maria Irene Moyna
Mark J. Alves
Olaf Koeneman
Hedde Zeijlstra
Outi Bat-El
Petra Sleeman
Edward Vajda
Malka Rappaport Hovav
Jim Wood
Neil Myler
Marianne Mithun
Jaklin Kornfilt
Gerrit Jan Dimmendaal
Pavel Caha
Laura Grestenberger
Jan-Wouter Zwart
Marco Marelli
Gregory Stump
Alexandra Aikhenvald
R. Amritavalli
Asl? Goksel
James Yoon
Silvina Montrul
Yongxian Luo
Francesca Masini
Laurie Beth Feldman
Judith F. Kroll
Kazutaka Kurisu
Benjamin Tucker
Maria Polinsky
Theodore Levin
Mercedes Tubino-Blanco
Ignacio Bosque
Yuni Kim
Taro Kageyama
Muriel Norde
Olaf Koeneman
Hedde Zeijlstra
Karen De Clercq
Giorgio Francesco Arcodia
Bianca Basciano
Dany Amiot
Edwige Dugas
Reka Benczes
Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
David Fertig
Terje Lohndal
Pius ten Hacken
Livio Gaeta
Dorit Ravid
Johanna Nichols
Yury Lander
Thomas Stewart
Ljuba N. Veselinova
Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm
Renata Szczepaniak
Tyler Peterson
Paul Kiparsky
Sabine Arndt-Lappe
Birgit Alber
Irina Monich
Brett Baker
Paolo Milizia
Yury Lander
Willem F.H. Adelaar
Sebastian Fedden
Andrew Hippisley
Niels O. Schiller
Ljuba N. Veselinova
Petar Milin
James P. Blevins
Claudio Iacobini
Patrycja Strycharczuk
Salvador Valera
Victor Kuperman
Daniel Schmidtke
Chiara Melloni
Stela Manova
Irene Vogel
Tom Leu
Peter M. Arkadiev
Keren Rice


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Rochelle Lieber
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology (3-volume set)

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology (3-volume set)

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology (3-volume set)