The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Politics: 3-Volume Set
The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Politics: 3-Volume Set

The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Politics: 3-Volume Set

Nic Cheeseman
  • The largest scholarly resource on African politics ever published
  • Covers cutting-edge debates on "decolonization" and how Africa can be studied ethically
  • Provides unprecedented access to a broad range of scholarship and essential insights into key debates
  • Includes a high proportion of contributions by scholars from or based in Africa, enabling scholars and students to diversify their reading

This three-volume encyclopedia is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource on African politics ever produced. In over 100 peer-reviewed entries, readers will find authoritative overviews of the key methodologies and approaches, as well as all of the major topics in African politics, one of the fastest growing and most dynamic areas of political science.
Under the editorial directorship of Nic Cheeseman and associate editors Rita Abrahamsen, Gilbert M. Khadiagala, Peace A. Medie, Rachel Beatty Riedl, and Etienne Smith, the Oxford Encyclopedia of African Politics brings together world-leading researchers from Africa, the United States, and Europe. The Encyclopedia features cutting-edge articles on a remarkably broad range of topics, and particular areas of strength include: political institutions; identity politics and the significance of ethnicity and religion; the African state and its strengths and weaknesses; development politics; economic policy and management; ideas and ideologies; international relations and regional politics; conflict, violence, and civil war; political and social movements; media and political communication; elections and democracy; research methods and approaches; and ethics and the politics of research.
Each piece is clearly written and provides a concise summary of the state of the art before drawing on new ideas and evidence to push the debate forward. The volume is therefore essential reading for all who seek to understand core and emerging topics within the vast and growing literature on African politics.


Activism of Political Parties in Africa by George M. Bob-Milliar
African Agency in International Politics by Jonathan Fisher
The African Union: Successes and Failures by Thomas Kwasi Tieku
Aid, Political Conditionality, and Other International Efforts to Support Democracy in Africa by Christine Hackenesch
Autochthony, Belonging, and Xenophobia in Africa by Peter Geschiere
Boko Haram and the Global War on Terror by Abimbola O. Adesoji
Border Politics in Africa by Paul Nugent
The Capacity of Decentralization to Promote Democracy and Development in Africa by Amy R. Poteete
Central Africa: Regional Politics and Dynamics by Andreas Mehler
The Challenges of Making Research Collaboration in Africa More Equitable by Susan Dodsworth
Change and Continuity in African Electoral Politics Since Multipartyism by Jaimie Bleck and Nicolas van de Walle
Changing Patterns of Political Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa by Kate M. Carter and Scott Straus
China and Political Governance in Africa by Ian Taylor
China's Economic Impact on Africa by David H. Shinn
Citizenship Law as the Foundation for Political Participation in Africa by Bronwen Manby
Colonial Rule and Its Political Legacies in Africa by Amanda Lea Robinson
Communication Technology and African Politics by Sharath Srinivasan and Stephanie Diepeveen
Comparative Analysis in African Politics by Goran Hyden
Conceptualizing Militias in Africa by Rebecca Tapscott
Constitutions and Constitutional Reforms in African Politics by Muna Ndulo
Corruption in African Politics by Tom Lodge
Decolonizing the University in Africa by Francis B. Nyamnjoh
Democracy and the Question of Its Feasibility in Africa by Mamoudou Gazibo
Democracy Promotion in Africa by Oda van Cranenburgh
The Democratic Dividend: Public Spending and Education Under Multipartyism by Robin Harding
Democratic Rollback in Africa by Lise Rakner
Development Trajectories in Africa by Richard E. Mshomba
Diasporas and the Transnationalization of African Politics by Terrence Lyons
East Africa: Regional Politics and Dynamics by Walter O. Oyugi and Jimmy Ochieng
Election Campaigns and Political Mobilization in Africa by Dan Paget
Electoral Violence and Political Competition in Africa by Liisa Laakso
Environmental Governance and the (Re-)Making of the African State by Maano Ramutsindela and Bram Büscher
Experimental Research in African Politics by George Kwaku Ofosu
Federalism and Regional Politics in Africa by Asnake Kefale
Globalization and Regionalism in Africa by Pádraig Carmody
The Globalization of Protest in Africa by Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle
Governing Africa's Seas in the Neoliberal Era by Tarik Dahou and Brenda Chalfin
The Great Lakes in Africa: Regional Politics and Dynamics by Aymar Nyenyezi Bisoka
Hegemonic Political Regimes in Africa by Joshua B. Rubongoya
Historical Approaches to African Politics by Steven Pierce
HIV and AIDS in Africa: Global Politics and Domestic Consequences by Alan Whiteside
The Horn of Africa: Regional Politics and Dynamics by Christopher Clapham
Ideas and Political Mobilization in Africa by Anne Heffernan
Industrial Policy and Development in Africa by Lindsay Whitfield
The International Criminal Court in Africa and the Politics of International Justice by Phil Clark
International Relations in Africa in Theory and Practice by Timothy M. Shaw
Interviews as a Means to Understand (and Silence) Contemporary Africa and Its Voices by Patrycja Stys
The Judiciary and the Rule of Law in Africa by Charlotte Heyl
Land Grabs: The Politics of the Land Rush Across Africa by Pauline Peters
Land-Related Conflict and Electoral Politics in Africa by Catherine Boone
Liberation Movements in Power in Africa by Roger Southall
Managing Ethnicity in African Politics by Christof Hartmann
Migrants and Refugees in Africa by Aderanti Adepoju
The Military in African Politics by Maggie Dwyer
Nationalism in African Politics by Sara Rich Dorman
Non-State Policing in Africa by S. J. Cooper-Knock
Oil and the International Politics of the African State by Cyril Obi
Organized Crime and Criminal Networks in Africa by Mark Shaw and Tuesday Reitano
Party Systems in Africa by Matthias Basedau
Peacebuilding Initiatives in Africa by Paul Jackson
Piracy and Maritime Security in Africa by Jatin Dua
The Political Barriers to Development in Africa by Paul Collier
Political Competition Beyond Ethnic Politics in Africa by Dominika Koter
The Political Economy of War and Violence in Africa: A Hegelian and Marxist Interpretation by Patience Kabamba
Political Exclusion in Africa by Brian Klaas
Political Parties and Political Economy in Africa's Democracies, 1990-2018 by M. Anne Pitcher
Political Parties and Regime Outcomes in Multiparty Africa by Adrienne LeBas
The Political Role of the African Middle Class: The Over-Politicization of an Elusive Category by Dominique Darbon
Political Song in Africa by Liz Gunner
The Politics of African Literature by David Attwell
The Politics of Language Education in Africa by Russell H. Kaschula and Michael M. Kretzer
The Politics of Pentecostalism in Africa by John F. McCauley
The Politics of Public Broadcasters in Africa by Corinna Arndt
Populist Politics in Africa by Danielle Resnick
The Possibility of Developmental States in Africa by Ellen Hillbom
Postcolonial Approaches to the Study of African Politics by Grace Adeniyi Ogunyankin
Power Sharing as a Strategy to Resolve Political Crises in Africa by Michael Bratton and Peter Penar
Prisons in Africa by Jeremy Sarkin
The Problems of Economic Data in Africa by Morten Jerven
The Prospects and Challenges of Pan-Africanism by Toyin Falola and Chukwuemeka Agbo
Queer Activism in Africa by Ellie Gore
Radio as a Political Medium in Africa by Harri Englund
Reconsidering African Elections by Carolien van Ham and Staffan Lindberg
Responses to Economic Crisis in Africa by Peter M. Lewis
Revisiting the African Renaissance by Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni
The Rise of "Peaceocracy" in Africa by Gabrielle Lynch
The Rise of the African Legislature? by Ken Opalo
The Sahel: Regional Politics and Dynamics by Sebastian Elischer
The Separation of Powers in African Constitutionalism by Charles Manga Fombad
Slum Politics in Africa by Jacqueline M. Klopp and Jeffrey W. Paller
Social Capital and Democracy in Africa by Richard Asante
Social Media and Elections in Africa by Iginio Gagliardone
Southern Africa: Regional Politics and Dynamics by Stephen Chan
Sovereignty as a Resource and Curse in Africa by Pierre Englebert
Sport and Politics in Africa by Michelle Sikes
State Formation and Conflict in Africa by Didier Péclard
The Structure and Performance of African Electoral Commissions by Jørgen Elklit
Surveys and Their Use in Understanding African Public Opinion by Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz
Tax, Politics, and the Social Contract in Africa by Wilson Prichard
Trade Union Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa by Nick Bernards
Traditional Institutions of Governance in Africa by Kidane Mengisteab
Traditional Leaders and Development in Africa by Lauren Honig
Trust and Social Relations in African Politics by Dominic Burbidge
Understanding and Deploying the Political Settlement Framework in Africa by Hazel Gray
Welfare Politics in Africa by Jeremy Seekings
Women, Equality, and Citizenship in Contemporary Africa by Robtel Neajai Pailey
Women's Political Movements and Civil Society in Africa by Aili Mari Tripp
Youth Politics in Africa by Ransford Edward Van Gyampo and Nana Akua Anyidoho
Zimbabwe: Regional Politics and Dynamics by Brian Raftopoulos


Editor in Chief: Nic Cheeseman, Professor of Democracy and International Development, University of Birmingham
Nic Cheeseman is Professor of Democracy and International Development at the University of Birmingham and was formerly the Director of the African Studies Centre at the University of Oxford. He mainly works on democracy, elections, and development and has conducted fieldwork in numerous African countries, including Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The articles that he has published based on this research have won a number of prizes, including the GIGA award for the best article in comparative area studies (2013) and the Frank Cass Award for the best article in democratization (2015). Professor Cheeseman is also the author or editor of ten books, including Democracy in Africa (2015), Institutions and Democracy in Africa (2017), How to Rig an Election (2018), and Coalitional Presidentialism in Comparative Perspective (2018). In addition, he is a former editor of the journal African Affairs and an advisor to and writer for Kofi Annan's African Progress Panel. In recognition of this academic and public contribution, the Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom awarded him the prestigious Joni Lovenduski Prize for outstanding professional achievement by a midcareer scholar in 2019. A frequent commentator on African and global events, Professor Cheeseman's analysis has appeared in the EconomistLe Monde, the Financial TimesNewsweek, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the BBC, and the Daily Nation, and he writes a regular column for the Mail & Guardian. In total, his articles have been read over a million times. Many of his interviews and insights can be found on the website that he founded and co-edits, www.democracyinafrica.org.
Grace Adeniyi Ogunyankin, Carleton University
Aderanti Adepoju, Network of Migration Research on Africa
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Politics: 3-Volume Set

The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Politics: 3-Volume Set

The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Politics: 3-Volume Set