C. S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction [#591]
C. S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction [#591]

多くの人が『ナルニア国ものがたり』の原作者として思い浮かべるC. S. ルイス(1898-1963年)は、中世英文学研究者やキリスト教弁証家といった顔も持ち、ファンタジー文学以外にも非常に多くの著述を世に問いました。本書ではその複雑な人格の形成に影響を及ぼした生涯を追いながら、ルイスの人となり、仕事、遺産を描き出すとともに、幅広い著作群に共通するテーマと色褪せることのない魅力に迫ります。

  • Introduces the reader to the vast variety of C. S. Lewis' published work, including his books and many essays, as well as poems, letters, and sermons
  • Draws out connections between Lewis's life and his work
  • Discusses major themes of Lewis' works, and analyzes their lasting appeal

Beloved by children and adults worldwide, the writings of C.S. Lewis have a broad and enduring appeal. Although he is best known for the iconic Chronicles of Narnia series, C. S. Lewis was actually a man of many literary parts. Already well-known as a scholar in the thirties, he became a famous broadcaster during World War Two and wrote in many genres, including satire (The Screwtape Letters), science fiction ( Perelandra), a novel (Till We Have Faces), and many other books on Christian belief, such as Mere Christianity and Miracles. His few sermons remain touchstones of their type. In addition to these, Lewis wrote hundreds of poems and articles on social and cultural issues, many books and articles in his field of literary criticism and history, and thousands of letters. At Oxford University he became a charismatic lecturer and conversationalist. Taken together his writings have engaged and influenced, often very deeply, millions of readers. Now Lewis societies, television documentaries, movies, radio plays, and theatrical treatments of his work and life have become common, and he is frequently quoted by journalists, critics, and public thinkers. 
This Very Short Introduciton delves into the vast corpus of C. S. Lewis' work, discussing its core themes and lasting appeal. As James Como shows, C. S. Lewis' life is just as interesting as his work. A complex man, he came to his knowledge, beliefs, and wisdom only after much tortuous soul-searching and many painful events. Moving chronologically through Lewis' life, Como provides throughout a picture of the whole man, his work, and his enduring legacy.


1: Lewis along the way
2: Roots
3: Lewis ascendant
4: Fame
5: Darkness and light
6: A new day
7: End game
8: The weight of glory
A readers' list of C. S. Lewis's works by type
Books of particular importance to C. S. Lewis
A selected secondary bibliography
Further reading


James Como, Professor of Rhetoric Emeritus, York College, City University of New York
James Como holds a Ph.D. in Language, Literature, and Rhetoric from Columbia University and is now Professor Emeritus of Rhetoric and Public Communication at York College (CUNY). A founding member of the New York C. S. Lewis Society (1969), Dr. Como is also the author of several books, including Branches to Heaven: The Geniuses of C. S. Lewis, a study of Lewis as a rhetorician, and Remembering C. S. Lewis, a benchmark biographical anthology now in its third edition (and fourth decade). These, along with his many articles on Lewis in journals including The Wilson Quarterly and The New Criterion, and on-air commentary for five biographical documentaries, have established Dr. Como as one of the most highly-regarded Lewis scholars in the world.

"James Como, founder of the New York CS Lewis society and a world authority on Lewis, has produced a brilliant, short introduction ... that manages to say a great deal in very few words." - Church of England Newspaper

"This is the single finest biographical survey yet written on C. S. Lewis ... Dr. Como's Very Short Introduction employs the best sources possible, fully understanding the evolution of Lewis's own thought and writings while also incorporating the finest reminiscences of the man." - Bradley J Birzer, The Imaginative Conservative

"Como's C.S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction is a useful text to recommend to new scholars and fans of Lewis and his work and is a refreshing reminder of how the various Lewises make up the one man." - Zachary Rhone, Mythlore Journal

"Como on Lewis is like Lewis on Christianity: He says so much in so few words. It is succinctness raised to an art form. Thoroughly recommended." - Joseph Pearce, Author, Further Up & Further In: Understanding Narnia


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James Como
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C. S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction [#591]

C. S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction [#591]

C. S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction [#591]