International Law (5th edition)

ISBN : 9780198791836

Malcolm Evans
984 ページ
171 x 246 mm
  • A stellar line-up of authors, drawn from those actively involved in the teaching and practice of international law, offers authoritative and stimulating perspectives on the subject
  • Provides wide-ranging analysis of all of the key issues and themes in public international law to fully reflect its breadth and diversity
  • The entire volume has been carefully edited by Malcolm Evans to ensure a consistent approach throughout
  • Accompanied by online resources, featuring the personal views and recollections of eminent international law practitioners

New to this Edition:

  • New chapter on International Refugee and Migration Law by Geoff Gilbert and Anna Magdalena Rüsch
  • Newly authored chapters on the Theory and Reality of the Sources of International Law and International Law and Restraints on the Exercise of Jurisdiction by National Courts
  • New ICJ decisions in Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Croatia v Serbia); Maritime Delimitation in the Indian Ocean (Somalia v Kenya)
  • Additional ICC judgment in Prosecutor v Bemba-Gombo
  • Recent ECHR judgments in Al-Dulimi and Montana Management Inc. v Switzerland; Hassan v United Kingdom; Jaloud v Netherlands; Jones and Others v the United Kingdom
  • Current Arbitral Decisions in Arctic Sunrise Arbitration (Netherlands v Russia); Bay of Bengal Maritime Boundary Arbitration (Bangladesh v India)
  • New domestic court judgments, including Al-Waheed v Ministry of Defence (UK); Belhaj and another v Straw (UK); Bridge of Varvarin Case (Germany)

Evans' International Law is widely celebrated as an outstanding collection of interesting and diverse writings from the leading scholars in the field. The fully updated fifth edition succeeds in explaining the principles of international law and exposing the debates and challenges that underlie it. Now fully revised and updated, it continues to provide an authoritative and stimulating overview of this increasingly important subject; revealing international law in its full diversity.


Part I. The History and Theory of International Law
1: A short history of international law, Stephen C Neff
2: What is international law for?, Martti Koskenniemi
3: A view of Delft: thinking about international law, Iain Scobbie
Part II. The Structure of International Legal Obligation
4: The theory and reality of the sources of international law, Anthea Roberts and Sandesh Sivakumaran
5: Soft law in international law-making, Alan Boyle
6: The practical working of the law of treaties, Malgosia Fitzmaurice
Part III. The Subjects of the International Legal Order
7: Statehood self-determination, and recognition, Matthew Craven and Rose Parfitt
8: International organizations, Dapo Akande
9: The individual and the international legal system, Robert McCorquodale
Part IV. The Scope of Sovereignty
10: Jurisdiction, Christopher Staker
11: International law and restraints on the exercise of jurisdiction by national courts of states, Philippa Webb
12: Immunities enjoyed by officials of states and international organizations, Chanaka Wickremasinghe
13: The relationship between international and national law, Eileen Denza
Part V. Responsibility
14: The character and forms of international responsibility, James Crawford and Simon Olleson
15: Issues of admissibility and the law on international responsibility, Phoebe Okowa
16: Responsibility to protect, Spencer Zifcak
Part VI. Responding to Breaches of International Obligations
17: Countermeasures and sanctions, Nigel White and Ademola Abass
18: The means of dispute settlement, John Merrills
19: The international court of justice, Hugh Thirlway
20: The use of force and the international legal order, Christine Gray
Part VII. The Application of International Law
21: The law of the sea, Malcolm Evans
22: International environmental law, Catherine Redgwell
23: International investment law, Surya Subedi
24: International criminal law, Robert Cryer
25: International human rights law, Nigel Rodley
26: International refugee and migration law, Geoff Gilbert and Anna Magdalena Rüsch
27: The law of armed conflict (international humanitarian law), David Turns


Edited by Malcolm Evans, Professor of Public International Law, University of Bristol

Stephen C Neff
Martti Koskenniemi
Iain Scobbie
Anthea Roberts
Sandesh Sivakumaran
Alan Boyle
Malgosia Fitzmaurice
Matthew Craven
Rose Parfitt
Dapo Akande
Robert McCorquodale
Christopher Staker
Philippa Webb
Chanaka Wickremasinghe
Eileen Denza
James Crawford 
Simon Olleson
Phoebe Okowa
Spencer Zifcak
Nigel White 
Ademola Abass
John Merrills
Hugh Thirlway
Christine Gray
Malcolm Evans
Catherine Redgwell
Surya Subedi
Robert Cryer
Nigel Rodley
Geoff Gilbert
Anna Magdalena Rüsch
David Turns

"Review from previous edition An excellent edition - very easy to read. It provides a critical, up to date, modern analysis of issues in international law." - Dr Tawhida Ahmed, The City Law School

"An impressive collection of essays on the most important aspects of international law." - Prof. Dr. Helmut Philipp Aust, Freie Universität Berlin