The English Legal System (6th edition)

Alisdair Gillespie; Siobhan Weare

The English Legal System combines comprehensive and thorough coverage of the main topics covered on English legal system courses with a lively and engaging style to capture students' attention and provide them with a firm foundation for their study of law. This book enables students to first understand all of the key areas of the English legal system, and then to engage with the subject fully for themselves. The law is not just presented but critiqued, with a range of learning features which encourage students to actively engage with contentious issues and difficult questions. Everyday examples help students to apply their knowledge of the law in a practical way, while questions for reflection help students to analyse, evaluate, and think critically. Aided by a clear structure, arranged in five parts, students will be able to fully grasp the processes involving in making and reforming the law. The English Legal System is accompanied by a wide range of online resources, to help students to take their learning further: For Students Introductory podcasts - an invaluable guide through the book and its features Web links - provide opportunities to take learning further Activities - help students to put their knowledge into practice Glossary - outlining the key terms related to the English legal system Podcasts - accompany the questions for reflection in the textbook For Lecturers Test bank - a customizable electronic testing resource


1 The English legal system

Part I: Sources of Law
2 Domestic sources of law: parliamentary material
3 Domestic sources of law: case law
4 International sources of law
5 Human Rights Act 1998

Part II: The Courts and the Practitioners
6 The structure of courts and tribunals
7 Staffing and appointments of courts and tribunals
8 Judicial independence
9 The Legal Profession
10 Funding access to practitioners

Part III: The Criminal Justice System
11 Preliminary matters
12 Lay justice
13 Those in court
14 The trials
15 Criminal appeals

Part IV: The Civil Justice System
16 Civil litigation
17 Remedies and appeals
18 Alternative dispute resolution
19 The future


Alisdair Gillespie, Lancaster University;Siobhan Weare, Lancaster University