Introducing Employment Relations (4th edition)

Steve Williams

Introducing Employment Relations draws on the most up-to-date research and many contemporary examples to encourage students to think critically about the significant issues surrounding employment relations from a variety of perspectives. Integrated learning features, factual examples, and real-life case studies prompt students to reflect on how employment relations are regulated, experienced, and contested, by organizations and employees, collectively or individually. End-of-chapter assignment and discussion questions then develop reflective learning and promote lively debate. This edition offers a brand new chapter on employment relations in an international context and in relation to globalisation, covering global supply chains, international trade unions, and labour conflict. Comparison between labour markets and the spread of neoliberalism and financialization are analysed in Chapter 2, with new material in Chapter 10 helping students turn a critical eye to how conflict is managed in practice, whether it's in the context of managing disciplinary procedures, staff absences, or grievances. Organized thematically to provide comprehensive coverage, while maintaining a critical focus to draw out the contemporary debates surrounding work, employment, and employment relations, it is clear to see why this book is the most trusted and thought-provoking introduction to the subject available. Williams' accessible and focussed style combined with the carefully designed learning features means students can rely on this book to provide all they need to support their study of employment relations. This book is supported by an Online Resource Centre, which includes: For students: Flashcard glossary Web case studies Web links Video links Updates For lecturers: PowerPoint slides Case study guide Guide to end-of-chapter questions Guide to web cases Figures and tables from the book


Part 1: Introducing Employment Relations
1: The nature of employment relations
Part 2: Employment Relations in Context
2: Employment relations in the contemporary economy
3: The politics of employment relations
4: Social divisions and employment relations
Part 3: Key Issues in Contemporary Employment Relations
5: Managing employment relations
6: Representation at work
7: Pay determination and employment relations
8: Working time and employment relations
Part 4: Conflict and Employment Relations
9: Labour conflict and employment relations
10: Resolving labour conflict
Part 5: Conclusion
11: International and global employment relations
12: Conclusion


Steve Williams is a Reader in Employment Relations at the University of Portsmouth Business School.